2l milk bottle dimensions australia?

Dell Larson asked a question: 2l milk bottle dimensions australia?
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Manufactured from food grade HDPE sity polyethylene), with a traditional single handle design. Mainly used for: Milk or Juice. ...

Size121 mm x 92 mm x 262 mm
Stock ColourNatural

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2000ml Plastic Milk Bottle. Manufactured from food grade HDPE sity polyethylene), with a traditional single handle design. Mainly used for: Milk or Juice. With a standard 38mm neck, twinseal tamper evident caps are available - optional colours include:

Australian Made Yes; Barcode 9300639600512; Brand Devondale; Container Type Carton; Descriptive Colour Blue; Gluten-free Yes; Product Dimensions (mm) 74W x 114D x 239.5H mm; Product Type Milk; Product Weight (kg) 2.17 kg; Volume 2 L

2 PINT MILK BOTTLE. 2 pint / 1136ml Milk Bottle Manufactured from food grade natural high density polyethylene, wi.. 4 PINT MILK BOTTLE. 4 pint / 2273ml Plastic Milk Bottle Manufactured from food grade natural high density polyethyl.. 1 LITRE MILK SQUARE BOTTLE.

Product Details. Simple goodness of Australian Full Cream Milk : - Permeate free. - Calcium is good for: healthy teeth, bones & energy. 1 cup of milk (250mL serving) = 1 serve of dairy (Eating 3 serves of dairy each day as part of a healthy, balanced diet will provide most people with their daily calcium requirements.)

If we replace our existing supply of milk bottles with the new Infini range, we’ll use 581 tonnes less resin than we do at present. That’s the equivalent in weight to around 150 fully-grown elephants, or 14 million regular 2-litremilk bottles. We don’t compromise strength for lightness, or the environment for packaging. Infini website

The two-liter bottle is a common container for soft drinks, beer, and wine.These bottles are produced from polyethylene terephthalate, also known as PET plastic, or glass using the blow molding process. Bottle labels consist of a printed, tight-fitted plastic sleeve. A resealable screw-top allows the contents to be used at various times while retaining carbonation.

Plastic bottle design, suppliers & manufacturers Australia. We are one of the leading Plastic bottle manufacturers and suppliers in Australia since 1995. Range of PVC plastic bottles, plastic bottles - 100ml, 500ml, 1lt, and 2lt, plastic bottles with caps. Call for your plastic bottle price.

Visy Product Catalogue. Visy offers plastic packaging solutions to a range of industries: Beverage - milk, water, carbonated soft drinks (CSD), juice, sports drinks, cordials. Alcohol - beer, wine, spirits. Food - sauces, dressings, toppings, jams and spreads, fruits, confectionery, snacking.

Glass milk bottles are glass bottles used for milk and are generally reusable and returnable. Milk bottles are used mainly for doorstep delivery of fresh milk by milkmen: retail store sale is available in some regions (with bottle deposit).After customers have finished the milk they are expected to rinse the empty bottles and leave it on the doorstep for collection, or return it to the retail ...

DURAN® properties, the square bottles are both cost and space-saving, no matter whether in autoclave, drier cabinet, in the warehouse or washing machine. For example, in a defined space that would normally hold 50 standard (100 ml) bottles, 72 square bottles (100 ml) can be accommodated and autoclaved at the same processing costs. This will corre-

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