Baby refuses to drink milk from sippy cup?

Alessandro Sauer asked a question: Baby refuses to drink milk from sippy cup?
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  • Refusal to drink milk from a sippy cup often happens right after a child is weaned from her bottle. The good news is that this refusal is often a temporary situation. As a child stops yearning for her bottle and, better yet, forgets completely about it, she’s able to accept milk from a cup.

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Here’s how to teach a “toddler stopped drinking milk” problem: Use a cup that has a wide base so that it can’t tip easily and make sure it has handles for them to grip. Try to alternate the sippy cup and the open cup. Use milk in the open cup and water in the sippy cup.

So I talked about this with my pediatrician because my babies would just throw the sippy cups with milk on the ground and refuse. So at his advice, he said to pack up all the bottles and only offer sippy cups. He said if they go with out milk for a few days it would not hurt them as they were a healthy weight and doing well.

At 2 I took all the bottles away and did the supernanny technique where you say that the fairies have taken the bottles to pass onto another baby and he got a new book every evening for a week with his milk in a sippy cup. He refused to drink the milk at first but on the second night he caved in and we've never looked back. Good luck !! xxx

My 13 mo old will drink water from a sippy cup with no problem but will not take breastmilk or cow's milk. I'd like to get her to take milk so that other people can take care of her when I'm not home. We've tried putting chocolate in it per the pediatrician's advice but no amount seems to work.

A: Some toddlers seem to equate milk with a bottle, and when they’re in this frame of mind, drinking milk from a sippy cup just doesn’t feel right to them. Refusal to drink milk from a sippy cup...

Does Your Baby Drink Water or Juice From a Sippy, But Not Milk? Sometimes weaning from the bottle works for some drinks but not others. Many parents report that their babies or toddlers will take a sippy cup with anything other than milk—but once milk is put into it, feeding time becomes a sob-fest. These tried-and-true tips just might work for you.

Some babies simply want what mom or dad is eating or drinking. They see you eating and want what you are eating, and the same is true for your beverage. If your baby is showing interest in your cup then use this to your advantage. Entice your baby. Tell them, “this is so good,” and then pour some of your water from your cup into their sippy cup.

My 16 month old daughter still needs 16-18 ounces of whole milk a day. The problem is she will not drink the milk at all if we try to give it to her in a sippy cup (we've tried 8-10 different types including the type with a straw and a regular cup).

To help make bottles less desirable, try watering down the milk that baby is still getting via bottle, saving the good undiluted stuff for the cup. Step 4: Add More Sippy Sessions. Has the midday bottle-to-sippy transition gone pretty OK so far? Sweet. Now replace another regular bottle-feed session with a sippy. Do this every couple of days until only the evening bottle is left. And if baby still isn’t drinking a ton from the cup, don’t worry.

Some babies will drink water or juice – but not breast milk or formula – from a sippy cup. (But don't give juice to a baby younger than 1 year, and limit juice for toddlers to 1/2 cup a day.) Show your baby how it's done. Get a clean sippy and let your baby see you drink from it.

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