Can breast milk heal an eye infection?

Tianna Hansen asked a question: Can breast milk heal an eye infection?
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Try placing a drop or two of breast milk directly into the inner portion of your baby's eyes while they are closed— once they open their eyes, the milk will fall into the eyes and work to clear up any infection. Use this treatment a few times a day for a week or two or until their tear ducts have cleared up.

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One of the many healing properties attributed to breast milk is the ability to cure eye infections such as ‘pink eye’ — conjunctivitis — or ‘sticky eye’ — a gooey discharge that often accompanies conjunctival inflammation.

It tells us that the effectiveness of breast milk against eye infections depends on the type of infection and that colostrum is more effective than mature milk. Remember that this study only looked at two types of bacteria among the many that might cause eye infections, and it didn’t look at viral infections at all.

After all, breast milk will pretty much cure the chicken pox and ease the itching. Good thing you didn’t waste your time on that vaccination, because, later, you’ll be able to test out the use of breast milk on shingles! Cancer. Yes, you read that correctly. Breast milk can cure cancer. Specifically, prostate cancer. Take that, science (and ...

Bloggers who recommend breast milk for pink eye say that substances in breast milk can cure infection and soothe inflammation. But one of the few studies into whether breast milk can fight infections not only found that it didn't cure the most common causes of pink eye—the milk can introduce new bacteria into the eye.

Board certified pediatrician Jarret Patton, MD, FAAP, tells CafeMom that there's mixed evidence on whether breast milk can actually treat pink eye or ear infections, despite the positive results these moms are seeing.

Can breast milk cure an eye infection? Eye Infections and Ear Infections: In some cultures, breast milk has been used to treat eye infections and pink eye (conjunctivitis). It has also been thought to help heal an ear infection. 2 Do and don’ts of breastfeeding?

Both – medications and breast milk can help you with your pink eye infection. Breast Milk Is Safe for Patients with Diabetes Patients. Breast milk can be given to any person, without considering the age and problems. There are no effects because it is natural, produced from a human body.

Many experts have not agreed on benefits of breast milk regarding eye infections and you can hear advocates for and against the use of breast milk for this problem. Those against claim that most cases of conjunctivitis resolve on their own and that the use of colostrum can cause additional infections.

The most common suggested “medicinal” use of breastmilk is to treat children’s eye infections. This is not a new idea as an 18th century quote, referring to human breast milk said: “It is an emollient and cool, and cureth Red Eye immediately.”

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