Can diabetics eat belvita biscuits?

Audie Corkery asked a question: Can diabetics eat belvita biscuits?
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  • Drinking can diabetics eat belvita biscuits enough water helps in improving the blood flow in the capillaries, which in turn helps in achieving a healthy and glowing skin.

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i have type 1 Diabetes, and i work for Kraft Foods (UK) we are onto a winner with these Belvita Breakfast biscuits! they are taking off! the demand for them is rather high and we cant make enough of them!!!))))

There aren’t a lot of products in the biscuit aisle that can proudly identify as diabetes friendly, so well done to the guys at Belvita for coming up with something original. NB: This information is an average across all six varieties, precise information can be found on Belvita’s website.

Has anyone here successfully had Belvita biscuits without spiking? Haven't had any since diagnosis but according to the t.v. ad, they have slow releasing carbs. Talk to us about diabetes

Tip: Heard about BelVita biscuits? Follow the link to watch the BelVita biscuit review. Are Biscuits Good for Diabetics? The biscuit is a high glycemic snack, as has been reviewed above. It produces high amounts of calories from its sugar and fat content, making

Can a diabetic eat Biscuits? B iscuits are generally made from refined flour, butter and sugar. It is obvious all three main ingredients of biscuits are not good for a diabetic. Refined flour has high glycaemic index (GI) and so can cause quick blood sugar spikes. (GI) and so can cause quick blood sugar spikes.

Belvita Breakfast Bars | Diabetic Connect no hydrogenated oils, nothing bad that I can tell, no high fructose corn syrup .I have yet to try one, but will soon. They all have about 3 grams of fiber (need more , that would be better) and a few grams of protein each. they come in a few different flavors. most that I have read comments from liked the blueberry the best.

Well-Known Member. Relationship to Diabetes. Type 2. Jan 22, 2013. #4. My breakfast is usually a banana, followed by a fat/sugar free yogurt if I'm still hungry. Occasionally I'll have one Weetabix crumbled into yogurt. If I can be bothered, I have bacon (all the fat cut off) with scrambled egg, tinned tomatoes, mushrooms (using Fry-Light).

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