Can i give my 10 month old coconut milk?

Kianna Grady asked a question: Can i give my 10 month old coconut milk?
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When can babies have coconut milk? While coconut milk can be a terrific ingredient for cooking food for babies as young as 6 months of age, wait until after your baby's first birthday to serve it on its own as a drink so it doesn't displace valuable nutrition from breast milk or formula.

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Coconut milk comes from the coconut and is not considered a dairy product, making it safe for children suffering from milk allergies and intolerances. Keep in mind, though, that if your child is given coconut milk instead of whole cow’s milk, you should talk to your doctor about added supplements to your child’s diet.

You can start giving coconut milk to your baby when he turns eight months of age or when he starts on solids. The first time you give your baby coconut milk, start with just a couple of spoons, to check your baby is not allergic to it. You can then start by using coconut milk instead of cow or goat milk for mixing your baby’s formula.

Giving kids too much canned coconut milk can be dangerous. Canned coconut milk is wildly high in saturated fat. One cup of the liquid has 57 grams of fat and 255 percent of your daily allowance of ...

However, the FDA is now including coconut on its list of ‘tree nuts’, meaning you should not give coconut to your baby if he has been identified as having a tree nut allergy. Yet – according to the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network – allergic reactions to coconut are quite rare and the majority of the individuals reported as having experienced them were not allergic to other tree nuts.

When can I introduce Coconut Milk to my baby? Coconut milk can be introduced to babies' diets from 8 months. Giving plain coconut milk to babies is not a good idea, hence add a few tablespoons of coconut milk to mashed vegetables or any porridge to enhance the taste and creaminess. Please keep in mind that for babies below one year, breast milk or formula should be primary and it should not be replaced with coconut milk.

I've heard on other lists I'm on that some dairy allergic kids can tolerate sheepskin milk even though it also has casein in it because while goats and cows are from the same branch sheep are not. Also read a study from Europe about pigs milk again not tried it. We use coconut milk for most things prefer the stuff in the dairy section over cans only use rice now in things like cream of broccoli soup etc.

I didn't give coconut milk, but my first was only nursing 3x a day at 9 months... She did the same as previous post where she upped it to 5 at 10 months, then back down to 3 right before a year. 1

NO! Coconut milk* is great stuff, but is not at all like animal milks in nutrient levels. Don't use it to substitute for milk as a major food stuff for a baby. If you aren't giving her as much milk, better to add on some animal proteins, greens and nuts.

Answer: Dear not to worry, formula feeding will not harm or not give any side effects to the is also a healthy choice for babies.if you use a formula milk, your baby will get the best possible alternative to breast milk.but better to give formula milk which contains DHA along with milk powder, not a plain milk powder or cow milk.take care of your baby.

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