Can i use glycerine to make fondant shiny?

Jewell Conroy asked a question: Can i use glycerine to make fondant shiny?
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Glycerine is made from oils and other fats. This edible product is an ingredient in some fondant recipes to ensure that the finished fondant is shiny, but it can also be added to a cake after applying the fondant without changing the flavour of the dessert.

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Some fluxes, particularly zinc and magnesium, are likely to cause crawling when used in excess . Calcining all or part of the zinc can help this problem. How do you make glycerin shiny with fondant? Dip the paintbrush into glycerine . Apply a thin, even layer of glycerine to completely cover the dried fondant to add shine .

Thank you Elva for this great tip on making fondant shiny. It makes sense to use the glycerine. I wish I had thought of that. LOL Thanks again. You can get Glycerine from your local craft shops and I believe in grocery stores as well. Or you can get it through an online source such as Candyland Crafts

Learn how to make your fondant glisten and shine with five different products/ingredients. This side by side comparison shows you the different levels of shi...

How to make fondant shiny. Alternatively you can use plain boiled, cooled water, brush the parts of the bottle you want to make shiny and allow to dry. Marshmallow fondant or mmf craftybaking formerly baking911 fondant icing article all recipes uk 6 ways to make fondant shiny wikihow fondant stone texture cake.

Adding just a tablespoon of glycerine to your homemade fondant recipe will help improve its texture and workability. Better yet, if you have an older batch of fondant that is stiff and cracking, glycerine can help bring it back to life. Start with a few drops, folding it through your fondant until it is supple and smooth once again!

The second method is using a mixture of 50% light corn syrup and 50% alcohol (150 proof or higher). To apply this high gloss glaze, paint on fondant with a good quality soft paintbrush. This glaze offers instant glossy shine and would be perfect for making fondant look like glass, water, or ice.

Just steam it for 3-5 seconds, until it gets shiny. It will stay that way. It will give it a waxy shine. If you use bakers glaze it will look like lacquer. Maybe a little to shiny. -K8memphis Posted 16 Nov 2010 , 2:04pm. post #6 of 14. You can paint it with a mixture of water and gum arabic.

rubbing with fondant will make it smooth but it won't make it shiny. The best thing I've found to get a real shine is to mix some glycerine with water so you get a painting consistency then brush it on and it'll dry with a lovely shine cryssi Posted 28 Jun 2006, 5:08pm post #6 of 24

On its own, fondant generally has a matte appearance. There are several techniques you can use to make fondant decorations and fondant-covered cakes shiny, though. The degree of gloss varies depending on the technique, so the best one to use may depend on the project itself.

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