Can i use water based food color on fondant?

Fern Cronin asked a question: Can i use water based food color on fondant?
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It's better to use gel food coloring, as it is more concentrated. Liquid food coloring can make your fondant more sticky, but if you do use liquid and it becomes sticky, just add more powdered sugar to it till you reach your desired consistency… Yes, there are food-safe glazes and airbrush kits for fondant.

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Best Answer. Copy. yepp. you can use any type of food coloring. just make sure thatif your using your hands you wear gloves so your hands arestained! Wiki User. 2009-01-12 03:16:30. This answer is:

We suggest avoiding liquid-based food colorings, as too much liquid can soften your fondant. Combine colored fondant for more colors. You can also mix more than one color of fondant together to get a whole rainbow of shades! Add a small amount of dark teal fondant to white fondant to get a lighter teal, or combine red and blue fondant for purple. This is a great way to use up any leftover fondant you may have from another project, so don’t throw your scraps away!

Learn how to use pearl dust and color dust to paint and dry brush on fondant and gum paste flowers and other decorations with stunning details. Subscribe: ht...

To color fondant, start by kneading it until it’s soft, then rolling it into a tube. Next, dab a little of the fondant coloring you’re using onto a toothpick and stroke it across the surface of the fondant. Use just a little coloring at first, and roll the fondant with your fingertips to mix it in. If you want a marbled effect, stop rolling when it looks streaked or striped. For a more uniform look, roll the fondant until the coloring is evenly distributed.

If you use too much, it will separate from the vodka. Stir it frequently, and take the paint that is closest to the bowl edge so you can press the brush up the side of the bowl and squeeze out some of the liquid. Gold paint will also work for all of the desserts I mentioned above (cookies, cakes, fondant, macarons).

That food coloring is mainly liquid (water & I think alcohol). It'll make a soppy mess of fondant, not impart much color for the effort, and the water can allow sugar crystals to form making a mess of the fondant texture. Now, if you're making your own fondant, you could mix some in in place of the water in the recipe.

I use this for most of my projects. The biggest advantage of using shortening as glue is that you can remove your decorations and put them on again, with having to worry about leaving any marks on your fondant base, unlike water-based which tends to leave watermarks and color stains when you remove and rearrange fondant decorations. Shortening helps to hold fondant cutouts in place and is easy to use.

Rolled fondant is very sweet and made with water, corn syrup and sugar. Pre-rolled sheets of fondant are draped over cakes and shaped and molded to the exact specifications of the cake. In this way, the entire surface area of the cake is enveloped in the fondant and pressed as close as possible to the original shape.

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