Can you milk a cat focker?

Erica Larkin asked a question: Can you milk a cat focker?
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Dina Byrnes : I had no idea you could milk a cat! Greg Focker : Oh, you can milk just about anything with nipples. Jack Byrnes : [He reacts] I have nipples, Greg, could you milk me?

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Well 2 of her teats are very full with milk but the kittens don't really want to drink. It's my friends cat and she said that she read online that the nipples can become infected if the milk is not drank. She asked my advice but I also had not heard of this.

You gave me life / You gave me milk / You gave me courage / Your name was Angela / The angel from Heaven / But you were also an angel of God / And He needed you, too / Selfishly I tried to keep you here / While the cancer ate away your organs, / Like an unstoppable rebel force / But I couldn't save you / and I shall see your face nevermore, nevermore, nevermore / Until we meet in heaven.

Fokker chunks for kittens. Our Fokker Opti-Grow is specially tailored to the needs of kittens, because these chunks are smaller than those for adult cats, you can continue to give it fine during the exchange. Do you notice that your kitten has trouble chewing? Then soak the chunks in a little water to make them soft. If your kitten is ready for kibble before adulthood, you can switch to our ...

Just like humans, some cats can't digest lactose, a milk sugar that's found in dairy. “Even though some cats can tolerate milk and seem to enjoy it, cow's milk just isn't good for cats,” says Dr. What does cat milk taste like? After trying a few varieties, I've found that cat cheese has many unique flavors.

Sarcastic and funny, yes, but Scientific American writes that some men can, in fact, lactate. This article from 2004 was spurred by Dustin Hoffman saying he wanted to breast feed, which we're sure was a genuine urge and not just an attempt to market the Meet the Parents sequel Meet the Fockers, which Hoffman stars in.

Greg: What have you. I went in and just simply, you know, just-- into a little saucer, then took the saucer and fed it to Geppetto-- that's what I named him. Dina: I had-- I had no idea you could milk a cat. Greg: Oh, yeah, you can milk anything with nipples. Jack: I have nipples, Greg. Could you milk me?

Funny clip from Meet The Parents. Benn Stiller says, "Oh yea, you can milk anything with nipples." To which Robert DeNiro replies, "I have nipples, Greg, cou...

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