Can you recycle biscuit tins?

Brook Green asked a question: Can you recycle biscuit tins?
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You can leave labels on - these are removed in the recycling process. ... Which metal items can be recycled?

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Food tins (put tin lids inside the tin)Crisp packets and sweet wrappers
Biscuit/chocolate tins and their lidsMetal containers for chemicals, i.e. white spirits, paints or engine oils

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If you’ve been enjoying a few treats over the festive period, you’ve probably got a recycling box full of sweet tubs and biscuit tins. It seems such a shame to send them off to be recycled, especially when some of the designs are really rather lovely. Here’s how to quickly upcycle them into cake tins for your kitchen…

Can I recycle cookie and cake tins? Cookie, biscuit and cake tins are accepted in all local recycling programs, provided they are empty, clean and dry.

Steel cans and metal food tins are definitely recyclable, but whether or not you should put them in your curbside recycling pickup depends on your community and whether you do single stream recycling (all materials are placed in one bin rather than separated by type of material).

How to give your Christmas biscuit tins a new lease of life for the rest of the year.For more thrifty DIY projects and recipes visit Cassiefairy.comFollow @c...

Biscuit tins (metal and plastic) - RecycleRight Have you found the recycleright website helpful?

Drilled two holes opposite each other on the side and then used a heavy braided cord with knots on the inside. Cut the ends off two old wooden spoons so they would fit in the tin and of course, sanded them smooth.

Place cut out metal lids inside the empty tin can and squeeze the top closed (see image). Paper labels are ok to leave on. Take pop and other drink cans to an for a refund on any applicable deposit paid at the time of purchase. Community recycling depot locations listed below:

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