Can you sell old milk crates?

Rico Cummerata asked a question: Can you sell old milk crates?
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To avoid any potential legal consequences that could result from the unauthorized receipt of these crates, plas- tic re-processors must be made aware that it is illegal to buy, sell, broker or destroy these crates as they are the property of the compa- ny named on the case (California Penal Code Sections 565-566).

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What do you do with old milk crates? Here are a few things to make out of your old milk crates ; You can turn them into an artwork, make furniture and storage, or even sell or offer be given for free to your nearby grocery and convenience stores.

The Maryland state legislature has also responded, passing two bills that make it harder to sell stolen milk crates to plastics recyclers and beef up penalties for first-time misuse, trafficking or destruction of milk crates to up to 1 year in prison or a fine of up to $1,000. “It’s an enormously serious problem,” says Detlefsen.

Yes but not for the reasons you have in mind. Depending on the state (in America) I'm sure, you can get released from parental custody at around 15+ if you get permission from the court and your parents/guardians sign off on it.

Milk crates are not illegal to own, but they are illegal to acquire by simply taking them. Milk companies tend to lose quite a bit of money each year because of crates that are stolen. If you are looking to get some crates for your crafts or home decor, make sure that you get them in a legal way. Milk Crates For Sale For Cheap

How to Recycle Milk Crates Ask your local dairy if it can use your milk crates. Sell the crates or offer them for free to your neighborhood grocery and convenience stores. Use the milk crates for storage.

Major chain store – While major retailers such as Walmart, Target, the Container Store and hardware stores may not sell the actual milk crates that milk is transported in, they do sell other crates that are similar. Do a search online to see what’s available or check at retailers near you.

After a little Googling, it appeared that my best option was going to be FarmPlast LLC, a New Jersey company that sells sets of three milk crates for $17.25 and lets you pick out your colors. (At the very end of checkout, they sprung an additional $15 shipping fee on me, bringing total cost up to $32.25.) Next, I called up the dairies whose ...

If you really need a lot, you can buy 96 black crates for $650, instead of $767. They also sell colorful milk crates in red, yellow, green, blue, violet, and orange, as well as in gray and white. So, you have a lot of options. However, their price for 96 crates of any color is $699, which is $49 more than their all-black milk crates bundle.

Milk crates are a type of storage container that are often used for items such as vinyl records, shoes, books, clothes, and other things that may not fit into your drawers or onto your shelves. They are made from a variety of materials and have a simple design. The dimensions of milk crates may be the same on all sides, or they may be more ...

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