Can you sell raw milk in nz?

Nayeli Eichmann asked a question: Can you sell raw milk in nz?
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Sale of raw drinking milk is regulated under the Raw Milk for Sale to Consumers Regulations 2015, developed under the Animal Products Act 100 (APA). The government is assessing effectiveness of these regulations as they have been fully operational for two years.


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raw drinking milk cannot be on-sold – it can only be directly sold to the consumer; products made from milk produced under the RCS cannot be on-sold. You may need a separate process for each part of your business if you sell raw milk directly to consumers and also sell: processed raw milk products, or

The regulations don’t limit the amount of raw milk that can be sold to a person – previously a buyer was limited to 5L. But farmers can only sell raw milk directly from the farm gate or by delivering to your home – you won’t be able to pick it up from a collection point, such as your local health food shop.

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Nevertheless, raw milk has been categorised by the New Zealand government as a 'high risk' food that - just like chicken - could potentially be harmful to some people.

You can pre-pay up to a month in advance. However you chose to pay, you will need to follow the sign in procedure posted in the shop, which is a requirement of our license to sell raw milk.

NZ raw milk cheesemakers face 'impossible' hurdles ... and buy more and more farms and run it like a big industrial complex," but "a mad old woman in Eketahuna with four cows can actually sell ...

Sale of raw milk for human consumption is prohibited. Ala. Admin. Code r. 420-3-16-.12: 2. Alaska : Sale of raw milk for human consumption is prohibited. Raw milk may be legally obtained through ownership of a cow, sheep, or goat, including through cow-share agreements, but only where a legal contract clarifying ownership of the animal is ...

The sale of raw drinking milk is legal in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. It can only be sold directly to the consumer by: registered milk production farms at the farm gate or farmhouse...

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