Can you use hot water in coffee maker?

Lillian Marvin asked a question: Can you use hot water in coffee maker?
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  • You can brew hot water in your coffee maker (sans coffee beans, of course), and use the piping hot H2O to turn instant oatmeal into a rapid breakfast option. Or, if you prefer a heartier texture,...

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It is a bad idea. Hot water, straight from the faucet, contains more dissolved minerals (calcium, assorted salts, etc) than cold water does. It's simply because of the temperature...more solids can be dissolved in hot water than in cold. The same minerals that cause the scaling and "hard water" deposits in your bathtub will also clog up your Mr. Coffee. There are coffee machine cleaners (chemicals) that help remove these deposits, but eventually they'll build up so badly that the machine is ruined. Using hot water, rather than cold, will ultimately shorten the life of your coffee maker.

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