Do hindus drink milk?

Danial Champlin asked a question: Do hindus drink milk?
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The 'milk miracle' that brought india to a standstill - bbc news

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  • Yes, absolutely. Hindus consume all kinds of dairy products. Despite the fact that the cow is holy, Hindus domesticate cows and use the cow for milk, but they will not kill the cow for meat. You must log in to answer this question.

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Would you drink the milk at this indian rat temple?

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Tes, they drink it. They use it in food, chai(tea) e.t.c

For example, do Hindus drink milk? We consume all kinds of dairy products, including milk, ghee, butter, and yogurt. In fact, Lord Krishna himself was known to love butter and steal it for his friends as a child. However, we also

Do Hindus Drink Cows Milk – Related Questions Which country is No 1 in milk production? India is the world’s largest milk producer, with 22 percent of global production, followed by the United States of America, China, Pakistan and Brazil.

Why do Hindu drink cow milk? Hindus consider cows to be sacred embodiments of Kamdhenu. They make up 81 percent of India’s 1.3 billion people… Hindus use milk and its products for religious purposes because it is

Can Hindus Drink Cow's Milk? Although the cow is sacred to the Hindu religion, the use of cows' milk for drinking, and the eating of milk-products, such as cheese and butter, are permitted. As of 2013, India is the largest milk producing nation in the world. The killing of cows is not permitted in India, and Hindu's do not eat beef.

Plus many people drink raw milk from local cows. Is milk bad in India? An in-depth look at the data on unsafe milk samples show that over 10 per cent of the processed milk samples (271 out of 2,607) in the country are found unsafe due to presence of contaminants such as aflatoxin M1, antibiotics, and pesticides above the tolerance limits set by FSSAI.

Yes. Hindus eat milk products. Cow is described as theomorphic animal in Vedas (meaning knowledge) which are highest truths. So, Hindus revere cow as their mother and God. But we consume products like milk, yogurt, ghee, butter. As cow is revered as God and mother, Hindus don't kill Cow and bull for their meat.

Milk is for mammals and not reptiles. What the snakes charmers do is that they don't provide food and water to snakes for a day or two before the Nag Panchami, and hence, inorder to quench the thirst and hunger, snakes drink

Milk's special importance in India goes back to Hindu mythology. It includes the legend of the Samudra manthan and the churning of the ocean that brought forth the drink of immortality. That drink is the amrit. It also includes the goddess Kamdhenu, which revealed itself as a wish-granting divine cow.

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