Does buttercream need to set before fondant?

Mauricio Konopelski asked a question: Does buttercream need to set before fondant?
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If you're using buttercream, you can pop your cake in the fridge, just for about 15 – 20 minutes or so, then let it sit on your counter or table while you roll out your fondant. A bit of condensation will form just enough to help the fondant stick to the buttercream.

How long should buttercream set before fondant? Buttercream should set for about two hours.

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Buttercream needs to be applied under the fondant layer or the draped covering will not stick to the cake. The buttercream is also iced on thickly to cover bumpy layers and flaws in the surface of the cake so the fondant lays flat and smooth.

Fondant is great for adding a smooth finish to your cakes; however, it doesn’t store quite as well as other icings, such as buttercream or royal icing. If your fondant is exposed to moisture or cold temperatures, it can become unusable, which is frustrating to say the least!

The secret to this crusting buttercream frosting is it’s made with hi-ratio shortening instead of butter. I love the buttercream frosting made with butter, but sometimes you need a frosting that can hold its beautiful shape in warm conditions and will crust over so your flowers and decorations won’t wilt as the temperature rises.

Usually, spreading a thin layer of buttercream will do. You will also need to use royal icing to adhere fondant pieces to the rolled fondant draped over the cake. Additionally, before applying fondant, the cake should be cooled, preferably 24 hours, to help make the cake more solid and prevent crumbs from sticking to the fondant.

The vast majority of cake decorators cover their cakes with either ganache or buttercream before applying fondant. For help covering your cake with ganache, check out my earlier post here. As for buttercream, there are two general camps: meringue based or crusting.

How long should buttercream set before fondant? Buttercream should set for about two hours. After that, let it sit on the table or kitchen counter. With that, you can roll out your fondant while you are waiting.

The moisture in the buttercream can soften toppers made with fondant. Chocolate toppers are not affected by the moisture in the buttercream and are much nicer to eat. Another tip is wait until the buttercream has completely crusted over and then pop the hearts on at the latest possible time before the wedding.

I only put fondant on cakes that have a generous layer of chilled buttercream on them. Putting fondant over chilled buttercream (15 - 60 mins in the fridge) allows you to smooth the fondant as much as you need without the buttercream squishing and squashing everywhere. Epi Posted 18 Feb 2007, 3:21am post #5 of 16

Buttercream is essential to the fondant's success. By smoothing any irregularities on the cake's surface, binding up loose crumbs, and concealing the cake's color, this layer of buttercream contributes significantly to the final appearance of the cake. Your Best Option...

Fondant decorations add a professional and polished touch to cakes and cookies iced with buttercream icing. If you are applying your decoration to fresh buttercream icing, you can skip this step. Fresh buttercream icing is a suitable adherent by itself. Press your fondant decoration, dampened side down, onto the icing.

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