Does ganache harden on cakes?

Marcelina Weissnat asked a question: Does ganache harden on cakes?
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  • It's bedecked the crowns of cupcakes, eclairs, and even taken the lowly donut to new heights. Ganache doesn't harden like traditional frostings. It stay soft and supple, even after a stint in the fridge (which will indeed cause it to firm up, but not become brittle).

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Problem 1: The drips are pooling at the bottom of the cake – this typically means your ganache is too warm, in which case I recommend to give the ganache 5-10 more minutes to cool down before attempting your next test drip on your chilled buttercream cake.

Secondly, does ganache harden at room temperature? Ganache sets up at room temperature after several hours. The cake will have come to room temperature in that time and most of the condensation from the fridge will have dispersed. The chocolate will harden better than butter cream does. Similarly, it is asked, do you need to keep chocolate ganache in the fridge?

One can also ask, does ganache harden at room temperature? Ganache units up at room temperature after a number of hours. The cake could have come to room temperature in that point and a lot of the condensation from the fridge could have dispersed. The chocolate will harden higher than butter cream does. Additionally query is, do you need to hold chocolate ganache within the fridge?

Make up the 2:1 ratio, cover with plastic wrap, and let set in a cool space overnight. The next day, spread it between layers much like you would peanut butter. Let your layers settle and then buttercream your cake. What's going to happen is that the ganache will harden up.

It depends on the method you use to make it. If you use the method where you pour cream milk over chocolate to melt it it will not harden. To make a ganache that will you need to use a double boiler to melt down the chocolate and add cold cream a little at a time.

Hi Marie! Yes, it does harden after it sits but it stays spreadable at room temp. I poured it over my cake roll and refrigerated it to let it set completely. Reply

A shorter cake will need less ganache to cover the top and sides than a taller cake. The ganache should feel slightly warm to the touch, between 100 degrees F and 110 degrees F, for glazing. This temperature ensures that the ganache will be fluid enough to flow over the cake, but it will not lose its shine or melt the buttercream coating underneath.

WARNING: Ganache was harmed in the making of this column. I’ll be rescuing it, though. So no worries. Ganache is both a well-loved and fiercely loathed part of our cake world. Those who have conquered it swear by it – the perfect undercoating for fondant, and a delicious addition to the cake eating experience.

When I ganache a cake, I will stick it in the freezer for 15 min to harden it before applying fondant. This just makes it sturdier without any major sweating/condensation issues. Barbara Lemus August 8, 2019 at 9:21 pm - Reply

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