Does milk thistle help breast milk production?

Vladimir Schroeder asked a question: Does milk thistle help breast milk production?
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Women have been using herbs to stimulate the production of breast milk for thousands of years. Milk thistle is one of a few different herbs that can increase breast milk supply in some people.

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And, while there is only limited scientific evidence that milk thistle can help a nursing mother to make more breast milk, it has been shown to increase milk production in dairy cows. It is believed that the plant estrogens found in milk thistle could be one of the reasons some women report making more breast milk when they take this herb.

Milk thistle actually works for breast growth. Milk thistle is a great natural resource for detoxing the liver. This helps a lot to increase the breast size as various hormones, especially estrogen are processed by the liver. What Is Milk Thistle? Milk thistle is mainly a plant with long spiny leaves.

Unfortunately, there are not many scientific studies that can confirm the much-touted breast milk related benefits of milk thistle. The only study that one can count on was done on female rats, and showed that the herb can increase prolactin in the body and stimulate milk production.

By contrast, milk thistle has been shown to be beneficial in promoting lactation in a number of smaller studies, including a 2008 trial from Italy in which the use of S. marianum increased breastmilk production in nursing mothers by 64.43% compared to 22.51% in the placebo group.

It is thought that milk thistle is beneficial for breast milk supply due to its plant estrogens. Prolactin is a necessary hormone for breastfeeding and its production is regulated in part by estrogen. Milk thistles estrogen-mimicking properties may increase prolactin secretions, making it an efficient galactagogue.

Use milk thistle supplements for breast milk production as directed by your physician or the manufacturer. Food: Milk thistle is a herb that can be entirely consumed after removal of the spine. You can add the leaves to curries and soups or use the seeds while brewing tea.

Middle Ages Cure-All Used to Increase Breastmilk Today, blessed thistle is most commonly used to increase the production of breastmilk in nursing mothers. In addition to promoting lactation, blessed thistle is believed to stimulate appetite and treat diarrhea, indigestion, colds, and flu.

One reported effect of milk thistle is that it can boost breast milk production in lactating mothers. It’s thought to work by making more of the milk-producing hormone prolactin.

Silymarin is a standardized preparation extracted from the fruits (seeds) of milk thistle. Milk thistle is a purported galactogogue,[2] and is included in some proprietary mixtures promoted to increase milk supply; however, no scientifically valid clinical trials support this use.[3-5] Although a study on the high potency purified milk thistle component, silymarin, and a phosphatidyl conjugate of silymarin indicated some galactogogue activity, this does not necessarily imply activity of milk ...

Some of those who need extra help take blessed thistle, which is thought to stimulate breast milk production. According to a 2016 review , blessed thistle is commonly used as an herbal galactagogue.

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