Does sam's club make 3-tier cakes?

Antwon Goyette asked a question: Does sam's club make 3-tier cakes?
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Does Sam's Club Make Tiered Cakes? Yes. Sam's Club has great tiered cakes available for your wedding, or any event. They have a 2 tiered cake, with a 10″ bottom and 5″ top layer; and a 3 tiered cake, with a 10″ layer on bottom, 8″ layer in the middle, and 5″ layer on top, for you to choose.

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Go into your nearest Sam's Club to choose custom designs—of all colors, shapes and sizes—that will put a smile on any recipient. For this Valentine's Day, treat your special someone, your kid's classroom, friends, or coworkers to the sweetest treat around: an eye-catching, beautiful, three-tiered cake!

Both cakes are available to order now at your local Sam’s Club. Not only are the cakes sure to make your holidays adorable, but they’ll probably end up saving you money on dessert, too. The...

Even accessible retailers sell wedding cakes for over $100, while the three-tier wedding cake Sam’s Club offers is barely $70. This is great news if you are planning a small wedding on a budget. In addition to wedding cakes, Sam’s Club cakes also cover goodies for anniversaries.

Even though Sam’s Club cake prices are very reasonable, the gorgeously decorated tiered cakes are just as good as cakes sold in bakeries specializing in wedding cakes. Tiered cakes can be ordered in the Sam’s Club bakery with the help of a staff member.

Sam's Club has created a truly spectacular cake big enough to feed large Mickey Mouse birthday parties. In a press release, the superstore chain describes the Mickey Mouse cake, designed specially...

You can order a 10″ round cake for $16, a 2-tiered cake for around $40, 3-tiered cake for around $70, a cookie cake, and a half sheet cake for less than $20. Does Sam’s Club Make Tiered Cakes? Yes.

Member's Mark 3-Tier Cake - Sam's Club Available in white or chocolate Examples of designs above Customized and decorated in club Several designs to choose from Perfect for larger Valentine's Day celebrations and parties

I looked into a cake there because it was so cheap for a 3 tier. Then I realized that they serve half the number of people a normal 3 tier would. So I think them must be much smaller.

Considering it costs just $21.98, its clear just how fantastic Sams Club cake prices are! Even the most expensive cakes found at Sams Club bakery offer fine value. For example, their 2-tier special occasion wedding cake only costs $32.98 and can produce up to 48 servings! It’s just another example of great Sam’s Club cake prices can get.

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