Famous biscuits in mumbai?

Desmond Bernier asked a question: Famous biscuits in mumbai?
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16 Of Mumbai's Most Scrumptious Cookies & Where To Get Them

  • Ice cream cookie sandwich.
  • Cookie pizza.
  • Cinnamon cookies.
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies at Indigo Deli. Image Source: The Daily Pao.
  • Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies With Maldon Sea Salt.
  • Pizookie…
  • Sea salt and nutella cookie…
  • Seven Layer Cookie.

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BELOW MINARA MASJID, MUMBAI 400003 (INDIA) 022 23465059 / 23443966 BAKERY: 33 MOHAMEDALI ROAD, MUMBAI 400003. (INDIA) 022 23454842 E-mail: [email protected] Phone: +91 9820058914/ 9820077025 / 26

Pastries. Chocolates. Breads. Karachi Mithai. Rusk. Cup Cakes. Macaron. Snacks. A staggering chronicle of six decades and still going strong, Karachi Bakery has emerged as a " True Icon of Hyderabad Baking " with a reputation that is unmatched to the core.

Polpo’s pizookie, as the name suggests, is a combination of a pizza and a cookie and the cookie is topped with creamy vanilla ice cream. Choose between your base: classic chocolate chunk, white chocolate macadamia, peanut butter, and oatmeal & raisin. For us, it’s always the classic chocolate chunk. Pizookie.

Parle is the most dominating biscuit brand in India. Parle-G is the most reputed brand and is available even in the deepest rural areas. Its fantastic combination of quality, taste, and nutrition and is loved by people of all ages. The Parle company is located in Vile-Parle in Mumbai.

Jain Biscuit Center. Andheri West, Mumbai Shirin Mansion, Station Road, Opposite Mc Donald, Andheri West, Mumbai - 400058, Dist. Mumbai, Maharashtra. Verified Supplier

Biskfarm biscuits can be categorized into the following products: Sweet Countlines Semi Sweet Creams Crackers Rusk Rose Rose biscuits are produced by Veeramani Biscuit Industries Limited, which is...

Some of the popular varieties of biscuits by the brand include Cream Cracker, Salt Kiss, Danish Butter Cookies, Masala Nibbles Namkeen, Nice, Sea Saw, Marie Break, Salted Crackers Teddy Bear Cookie, Merry Milk, Cream 4 Fun, Kukkies, Dukes Minees Sandwich Cookies and Teddy Bear Cookie Honey.

American Express Bakery, Mumbai More than a century since it first opened and got Mumbaikars hooked on its ginger cookies and rusk biscuits, this bakery is still a hit with regulars. Getting its name from when it offered an express service delivering baked goods to American cruise ships that docked at the harbour, the moniker stuck.

Good day, Marie Gold 50 50, Treat,Bourbon and Tiger brands of biscuits are the most popular Biscuit of Britannia in India. Sunfeast ITC is India’s largest seller of branded foods and the major brands of ITC are Aashirvaad, Fiama Di Wills , Navy Cut, Mangaldeep agarbattis and Bingo.

This Parsi bakery tucked is away in the gallis of Mumbai’s Fort area was established in 1951 by Zend Meherwan Zend. Currently, it is owned and managed by Parvez Irani and is known for its Apple pies, Egg Puff, Rum cake, and the flavoursome Ginger biscuits, among other dishes.

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