How do i make a fondant car cake?

Hilario Orn asked a question: How do i make a fondant car cake?
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Take the cake out of the fridge and use paper towel to smooth. Put the white in place for the teeth, cover with some non-stick baking paper in the shape of the smile. Cover in red fondant, cut out the smile and then add your pre-made details. Make and add front windscreen and the side lightning flashes.

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A cake-making tutorial featuring Ellen Rose, a former opera-singer turned professional pastry cook that documents the process of how to make a Volkswagen Cor...

I wanted to make a cake with fondant versions of some of the main characters of Radiator Springs. Trying to make figures that were detailed and small enough for the cake, though, seemed like it would be way too difficult. I figured there must be an easier way to get realistic looking figures.

Mini VW Lupo Auto Fondant Torte selber machen / Mini VW car fondant cake do it Yourself / AnleitungSchokoladenkuchen - Tortenboden (Wunderkuchen) / Cokolate...

Cover the chilled cake with red fondant and smooth it using hands and the fondant smoother, whatever works for you. Use a veining tool to shape Lightning Mcqueen's mouth. First, make the contour of the mouth then use the tool to press inside. The wheels are cupcakes crumbcoated with buttercream and covered with black fondant.

Make a cake dough by adding small amount of frosting to the cake scraps and kneading it with your hands or in a food processor. Using this dough you can add special characteristics to the cake and create the desired shape. Roll out the colored fondant and layer over the cake.

I covered 3" styrofoam rounds (at your local craft or cake store) with fondant for my car cake. I cut out holes in the middle to insert the fondant rims I made. Just make sure your car is proportionate to the size tires you do. Mine was not, but you live and you learn.

1. Start with a Cake that has been baked in a ball tin or in this cake a 2 litre pyrex bowl. 2. Layer, fill and coat the cake with buttercream as normal.

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