How do you get dust off fondant?

Penelope Braun asked a question: How do you get dust off fondant?
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If the scrap piece of fondant is very dusty, toss it and grab a new piece. If there are only a couple of dots of dust, knead it once more and then wipe over your entire work surface. You'll be surprised at what this fondant will pick up!

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With the shortening, do I rub it all over the fondant or just the dusty spots? Mandy 7 years Use a spare piece of pliable fondant and flatten one side against the table top. Then use this to gently wipe around the sides of the cake and it will absorb any powder left on the surface.

Roll a small piece of extra fondant into a ball. Gently press the ball onto your rolled out sheet of fondant to pick up any pieces of debris that are on the surface. Be careful not to press too hard so that you don't dent or damage the fondant's surface. Fill a small spray bottle with vodka.

Dip the plunger in powder sugar, dust off any excess. Cut out your flower and before you apply the flower to you cake. Lightly touch it to the wet sponge, then apply to the cake. This will help stick the flower with any water marks around it.

Dampen the surface of your fondant by brushing water or another liquid over it if using Wilton's Primary Shimmer Dust. 2 Sprinkle the Primary Shimmer Dust from its jar onto the damp fondant. 3

Use the least amount of PS or cornstarch possible to roll out your fondant. Turn it a quarter turn after every few rolls, making sure that it has not stuck to the counter or mat. I use a large paint brush to clean my covered cakes off if there is any remaining PS.

Fondant is a pliable dough made from sugar. It can be rolled out and used to cover a cake, cut into shapes or used to decorate cupcakes. Fondant is very sticky when rolled, so a coating of powdered sugar is often used on the rolling surface to keep the dough from sticking.

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If its a decoration you've made you can also steam it over a kettle (mind your fingers!) to remove the excess icing sugar. The best way is to not use icing sugar for dark colours though. You can smear your work top with trex and roll out on that or on a sheet of bake-o-glide. Hope that helps, I'm sure there are other tips I don't know about!

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