How does a percolator produce coffee?

Immanuel Nolan asked a question: How does a percolator produce coffee?
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  • Percolators move boiling water through coffee grounds to produce a rich, full bodied coffee brew. The grind and amount of coffee used for a percolator differs from drip or French press coffee makers. Increasing or decreasing the amount of coffee grounds will have change the strength of the finished coffee.

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It doesn't, coffee is grown. The way a percolator works is by the change in the density of water when it is heated. Water is placed in the percolator then the riser tube is placed in and the filter cup with ground coffee in it is placed on the top of the tube, ABOVE the top surface of the water. The water is heated at the bottom of the pot, this hot water rises and is directed up the tube, cold water replaces it at the bottom of the pot, this cold water as the density is much higher forces the hot water up the tube where it overflows into the filter basket and percolates back down through the coffee grounds, then back to the pot to be cycled through again. The percolation slows down as the temperatures in the pot equalize, or the water level is lowered.

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