How late can ice cream vans play music?

Novella Klein asked a question: How late can ice cream vans play music?
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Ice cream vans allowed to play chimes for 12 seconds instead of 4 under new rules. Ice cream van drivers are being allowed more time to play their chimes. At the moment they are restricted to four-second blasts of jingles like Greensleeves and O Sole Mio. But new rules will allow them to be last for 12 seconds.

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Code of Practice on Noise from Ice-Cream Van Chimes Etc. in England 2013. Ref: PB13704 PDF, 84KB, 7 pages.

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Ice cream van chimes to ring out until 8pm as children stay up later . Ice cream vans could be allowed to sound their chimes for longer into the evening, on the grounds that children stay up later ...

Ice-Cream van chimes should not be as loudly used in quieter areas or streets which are more narrow than elsewhere. To summarise, chimes will cause an offence, if: They are used before 12pm (noon) and after 7.00pm (19:00 hours). If they are sounded at anytime, in any such way which can give a reasonable cause of annoyance.

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