How many dozens of cookies do i need for 100 guests?

Gabe Cassin asked a question: How many dozens of cookies do i need for 100 guests?
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“I would say the normal amount now is 4-5 cookies per person, and I've seen tables where it's 10-15 per person. That jumps that 100 people wedding average to 40-50 dozen cookies now,” Tony says. Some couples like to truly shower their guests with sweets.

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The wedding planner I work with to do cookie tables at weddings suggests 2 cookies per person for 75% of the guests. I do large 3-4" drop cookies. If we are bagging iced cookies we do one per person.

It’s very hard to estimate, given the lack of data! We will hazard a guess, though, and say that you should plan on three or four good-sized cookies per person. Even if you end up with too many that is better than running out! And people can always take some home.

Cookies : 3 dozen : 5 dozen : 7 dozen : 10 dozen : 13 dozen : Bar cookies : 3 dozen : 5 dozen : 7 dozen : 10 dozen : 13 dozen : Ice cream : 1 quart : 1-1/2 quarts : 1 gallon : 1-1/2 gallons : 2 gallons

Desserts for a Crowd is our February series looking at tips, hints, and recommended recipes for beautifully and economically throwing a big party or even a wedding reception! You’re planning for a big party of 40 or more, and you want to know if you can feed them something sweet without breaking the bank or your sanity. Yes, definitely.

Planning On Cooking For 100 People Facts Recipe. From dottiet 13 years ago. Add yours. 30 minutes to make. Serves 100. More info for cooking for 100 people. I found more ideas on the internet as to how to judge how much food you will need to feed 100 people. buffet. largecrowd.

As as for competition, (as in other cookie decorators in your area) squash that thought right now. There is no such thing when it comes to cookies. During my prime, I could make about 20-30 dozen cookies a week. This meant my family ate out more often or not, my husband did 90% of the household chores, and I never slept.

The general rule of thumb is to have between 3-6 cookies available per person (a good ‘handful’). This will vary depending on the size of the cookies, and whether there will be other desserts and appetizers; some guests may prefer savory snacks over sweets while others might prefer a slice of cake over cookies. Most Popular Cookies

We are having 20 different kinds and 200 dozen. Whatever makes you happy and doesn’t stress you out. 6 cookies per person but popular ones we allotted more such as lady locks; With 150 guests And you want 1 dozen each guest that’s 1800 cookies total. For 20 different types the math says about 7.5 dozen each type and for 25 types it’s 6 ...

They say that in the cookie tradition you are supposed to have 6-7 cookies per person. BUT since that is your favor, are you wrapping them or just having them grab as they please? If you are wrapping them you may want a little more per person so people can take their favors home and also enjoy the cookies while they are at the your wedding.

I enjoy experimenting with cake mixes to make new cookie recipes. I love apricot, but feel free to fill the thumbprint in the center of these goodies with any fruit preserve you like. —Nancy Johnson, Laverne, Oklahoma. Go to Recipe. Yield: About 7 dozen. 3 / 50.

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