How much does it cost to run an ice cream shop?

Pattie Konopelski asked a question: How much does it cost to run an ice cream shop?
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Typically opening an ice cream shop will cost you anywhere between $20,000 to $50,000. However, this figure can vary based on whether you decide to buy or rent a location, as well as whether you purchase new equipment or cheaper used equipment.

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So if you're wondering how much it costs to open an ice cream shop, below is a breakdown of all the expenses you need to take care of. Franchise: $32,000 to $45,000. Independent ice cream shops don’t spend this much expense, but first-time owners may find it best to operate a franchise business because it already has established guidelines.

It can cost $50,000 or more to start an ice cream shop, but exact pricing will depend on many variables, including the shop’s size and location. If a business owner can rent or lease an existing ice cream shop that has gone out of business, they can save on the major expense of purchasing some equipment and renovating the space.

How much does it cost to open an ice cream shop? That all depends on your business. Will you have a mobile stand, truck, or a brick and mortar store? An ice cream stand will need $2,000 to $10,000 in startup funds. An ice cream truck will need only slightly more than that.

Yet another pro of running an ice cream business is that its products are low cost. The cost of ice cream is under $.10 per ounce on average, but you can often sell the product between $.25 – $.50 per ounce.

A ballpark figure as far as cost is concerned is about $26 to $32 for premium ice cream. Some companies charge less for Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry and a little more for everything else. The $26-$30 is a good average figure for premium ice cream.

This includes hard costs such as equipment, furniture, signage to variable costs like construction, permits, architect fees and more. You also want to ensure you have some opening operating capital to get you through the first few months.

Ice cream offers probably the best profit margins in catering. A quick check on one wholesaler’s website shows 12 litres of Mr Whippy for £15 which will make 923 x 50/60g servings of soft ice at 1.6p each, which is around 1% of your average £1.50 sales price. Obviously you have to also pay for the cone, petrol, running of the van, tax and wages out of that, but compared to most catering businesses – most businesses in fact – this is a very tidy margin.

Having the full picture before you sign a lease may save you thousands of dollars later. Contact Darryl and schedule a four hour consultation, to walk you through important points and get you started down the road of owning your own ice cream, coffee or vegan shop. Click here to read about location, lease, start-up cost and menu.

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