How to add preserves to cake icing?

Albert Kub asked a question: How to add preserves to cake icing?
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What kind of preserves to add to cake mix?

  • All-Fruit Preserves Cakes. Adding 1/2 cup of all-fruit preserves to a box cake mix adds a subtle, fruit flavor and increases the moistness of the cake. For example, add blueberry preserves to angel food cake, strawberry preserves to yellow cake or cherry preserves to chocolate cake for a rich, closer-to-homemade effect.

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To give your vanilla icing that homemade taste, try mixing in 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract. This will help pump up that flavor that makes homemade icing so delicious. You can also try adding 1 teaspoon of your favorite flavored syrup, such as maple, caramel or raspberry, for a tasty frosting pairing to your chocolate or vanilla cake.

In a large bowl, mix the water with the preserves and/or the curd. Stir in the whipped topping and the powdered sugar. If frosting two cake layers, begin by placing one layer on the serving plate.

How to Add Preserves to Box Cake Mix Adding Preserves With Cream Cheese. Mixing preserves with cream cheese and a small amount of cake mix works well to add... All-Fruit Preserves Cakes. Adding 1/2 cup of all-fruit preserves to a box cake mix adds a subtle, fruit flavor and... Preserve Layer Cake…

INSTRUCTIONS. 1. In a small saucepan, mix together the raspberry preserves with the lemon juice. 2. Heat under low heat until just warmed. 3. Strain through a fine mesh strainer into a bowl; push the preserves through the strainer with a rubber spatula. Discard the seeds. Optionally, add in the lemon peel.

Place Next Layer: Place the next layer on top, making sure it is level. The weight of the layer will cause the circle of icing to expand just right. Place the top layer, leveled side down, so the top of the cake is perfectly smooth and level. Click to mark this step as completed.

I thought of putting a layer of jam or Solo fruit filling, either raspberry (she does love raspberry), cherry, or apricot, on top of one of the layers, before adding the frosting and putting the second layer on top. It would make it more interesting for the rest of us as well as being a surprise.

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