How to host a great party on animal jam?

Gustave Runolfsson asked a question: How to host a great party on animal jam?
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  • Call out at Jamaa Township, "Epic (theme) party at my den!" After about fifteen people come, head back to your den and begin to party! Entertain your guests. Don't just sit there doing nothing, have a competition or a dance-off! If you do nothing, your guests will grow bored and leave. You may even want to host a mini fashion show. End your party.

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Yay! Great tips for your guys! :)

I finally got membership on Animal Jam and host a party! Enjoy!

They are listed in the " My Parties" tab, which can be accessed by clicking on the party hat button, and they are hosted every thirty minutes. The Host-Your-Own-Party feature was added on December 17, 2015, allowing Jammers with membership to host their own parties and title it a custom three-part name.

Never to be seen by them again. Throw parties so people actually get to see you for more than 5 seconds. On occasions, at a certain time only, throw special ones like plushie parties, phantom parties, or gummy bear parties!

Trading is the most popular way in the Animal Jam game to obtain items of great worth. The concept is simple; one Jammer will select an item from another player’s “Trade List” and choose one to four of their own items to exchange for the other.

And then, I jamagrammed my buddies, telling them to teleport to me to access the Bouncy House party! They did, and invited their buddies. I also got a duplicate to find people in Jamaa, buddy them, and have them teleport to me at the Bouncy Party. So the party was actually FULL because of me :3

Members can host a party by clicking on the Parties button and then clicking on the Host Your Own Party button at the bottom of the My Parties tab. This will open the Host Party tab where members can then select from one of eight party themes and optionally preview each of the parties.

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