How to make basketball cake with fondant?

Mandy Walter asked a question: How to make basketball cake with fondant?
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🥛 How to make a basketball cake with fondant?

How to Make Fondant Basket Cake {Basketweave} Variations. Tips and Techniques. Fondant vs. Modeling chocolate – Either can be used. Ropes made with modeling chocolate seem to... More Decorated Cakes. Rub shortening on the inside of your glass. Cut out strips of wax paper and stick it on the inside.

🥛 How to make basketball fondant cake?

basketball theme cake tutorial, Step 5: Assembling Insert a skewer in the middle of the body and place the skewer on top of the legs into the foam base. Take a small …

🥛 How to make a fondant basketball cake?

Basketball Hoop Cake . Cake frosted in buttercream. Jersey is made from royal flow icing. Basketball and "rim" is made from fondant. The cake is four 9" layers -...

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Decorate Basketball Cake. Attach fondant to cake: Position fondant strips on cake using icing or a damp brush. 12 First, wrap fondant horizontally around middle of cake; you can use the area where the two layers meet.

How to make a wood effect on fondant| basketball cake design | basketball cake ideas - YouTube. How to make a wood effect on fondant| basketball cake design | basketball cake ideas. Watch later ...

The tier can be draped with fondant of any color. (2) Cut out a paper circle the same circumference as the cake tier and fold it into segments. Unfold the circle, place it on the cake tier and mark the various segment points on the top edge of the tier using a sharp blade or tool. (3) Using a fondant extruder, make white fondant strings.

TORTA PELOTA DE BASQUET Paso a Paso 🏀 | How To Make a Basketball Cake!... Torta Pelota de Basquet: forrada con pasta de fondant, los detalles del aro y la...

This is how I made my basketball cake, all decorated in fondant, with a shirt with name and number. Subscribe my channel if you like my cakes and want to see...

Basketball Hoop Cake Cake frosted in buttercream. Jersey is made from royal flow icing. Basketball and "rim" is made from fondant. The cake is four 9" layers -...

How To Make An Easy 3D Basketball Cake - YouTube. Basketball is my favorite sport, and I'm showing some cake love with an east-to-make 3D Basketball Cake, complete with hidden colored cake layers ...

Most basketball themed cake design revolves around the use of ball, basketball court, jersey and other basketball persona such as their idol on professional league like NBA. If you do not know how to design a basketball cake, this is for you. Here we gathered 30 of the world’s greatest basketball cake ideas and designs dedicated to all basketball ...

I actually textured my colored fondant by pressing that nubby non-slip shelf liner into the fondant when it was soft and it made the fondant look a little more like the real texture of a basketball. Wilton supposedly makes a terracotta color (which one of their yearbooks recommends for a basketball) but I never could find it except to order it directly from Wilton - but the copper is widely available.

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Can you make cake lace with fondant?

How do you apple lace to fondant cakes? Apply a light coat of piping gel or edible glue on the buttercream. Wipe off any excess. Attach the lace to the buttercream. You have a 2 to 3 minutes window where you can move and reposition the lace. After that, you risk tearing or stretching the lace.

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Can you make cake toppers with fondant?

Fun and easy to make cake toppers

There's no tricky shaping and moulding, nor do you need to use food colouring to colour your fondant as ready coloured fondant is perfect for this fun bake.

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How make a wedding cake with fondant?

Transfer the fondant to the cake by loosely rolling it around the rolling pin, then draping it over the cake. Use the fleshy part of the outside of your hand and light pressure to gently smooth the top of the cake from the center out. Starting at the top and moving down, gently press and stretch the fondant down on the sides of the cake.

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How make an elaborate cake with fondant?

Some will roll the fondant around the rolling pin and then "unroll" the fondant over the cake. I just jump right in and use my hands to lift the fondant and place it right on top of the cake. After you lay the fondant on top of the cake you need to smooth out the top of the cake.

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How to make army cake with fondant?

Place them then on the foamcore bases and use bunt pans or another sheet cake for the rest of the boots. I just kept on stacking and shaping as I went and also putting foamcore in between every 2 layers of cake, I went up a total of 6 layers of cake, 2 foamcore inserts,if that gives you any idea.

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How to make banana with fondant cake?

For the Cake. Bananas – You’ll use 3 ripe bananas to make one cake, so expect it to be loaded with banana flavor. It makes the cake ultra-moist, to boot. Eggs – They’ll bind the ingredients together and give the cake structure. Use room-temperature eggs for easier blending. Butter – To add richness and moisture to the cake.

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How to make barney with fondant cake?

Fondant figurines on a chcololate cake

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How to make basket cake with fondant?

I made this video to show how to make fondant basket cake.

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How to make book cake with fondant?

Getting Started 1. Prepare your buttercream and set aside. Then measure the top and sides of your cake with a piece of string. 2. Cover the cake with a thin layer of buttercream using a palette knife. The buttercream will help the fondant stick to... 3. Put the cake in the refrigerator for 30 ...

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How to make box cake with fondant?

How to Cover a Round Cake with Fondant | Wilton - YouTube. How to Cover a Round Cake with Fondant | Wilton. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin ...

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How to make butterfly with fondant cake?

Happy Holidays, let me share to y'all how these butterflies and flowers are made to decorate in a Mud Cake..MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!

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How to make cake borders with fondant?

How to make the top of a fondant tree stump cake.In this cake decorating tutorial I show you how to make a fondant tree cake, specifically the top of the tre...

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How to make cake decoration with fondant?

Learn How To Decorate A Cake With Fondant 1 Make sure that you have the tools, supplies, and ingredients that are recommended to be able to successfully decorate... 2 Center your cake on the cake base. If the top of the cakes isn't flat after cooking, you will have to cut a small... 3 Make sure that ...

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How to make cake designs with fondant?

Roll your fondant and cover your cake, taking care to make sure everything is even. If you are working with a layer cake, cover each layer separately and then stack the cakes. (Use a dowel if needed to stabilize your cakes.) Using a piping bag and a round piping tip (such as Wilton's #5 round tip) to add polka dots around the side of your cake.

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How to make cake figures with fondant?

Mix Your Materials. You can certainly make figures just from fondant icing, but sometimes for more intricate or larger models you may need a product that sets a little harder. One option is to mix together fondant and flower paste in a 50/50 mix.

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How to make cake flowers with fondant?

Spread a layer of shortening or sprinkle cornstarch onto your surface if you want to prevent the fondant from sticking. Use pink or red fondant for realistic roses. However, you can use any color you'd like. Trim the edges with a knife to create your rectangle, if necessary.

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How to make cake fondant with marshmallows?

Melt marshmallows over a double boiler or in a microwave (at 30 seconds intervals) until completely melted. Place icing sugar in a large bowl (well-greased) and transfer the melted marshmallows into the bowl. Mix with a well-greased spoon (on in a mixer on paddle attachment) until the mixture comes together slightly.

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How to make cake fondant with pictures?

How to prep and execute a basic fondant cake. You will need: 1. Cake - Can use box cake from the grocery store, in this Instructable I made 2 8" round cakes 2. Fondant 3. Fondant rolling pin 4. Various cookie cutters 5. Icing - This icing is butter cream from Publix 6. Cake Leveler 7. Pizza Cutter and/or Fondant Cutter 8. Fondant Mat

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How to make cake lace with fondant?

Attaching the fondant lace to the cake Leave the lace pieces aside overnight to set and for the paint to dry. The next day, you can start to assemble the lace... For a guide, I used the same lace template. I folded it into half and placed it on the cake, exactly where I wanted the...

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How to make cake pops with fondant?

You'd have a really rough time covering those little balls in fondant - it's difficult enough to cover a 6" sphere. Attach as much as you can before they dry after dipping, then use melted chocolate to attach the rest of the decorations. And don't forget to post pictures. Debbye27 Posted 22 Feb 2012 , 8:12pm.

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How to make cake ruffles with fondant?

You could make ruffles with plain fondant (sugar paste) but it is better to add a little strengthener such as Tylo Powder (also called CMC) or Gum Tragacanth. Gum paste (flower paste ) will also make pretty ruffles. Roll out your fondant so that it is nice and thin. Cut out a circle. The larger the circle…the larger the ruffle.

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How to make cake topper with fondant?

In this video i show you How to Make Fondant Cactus Cake Topper Video Tutorial

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How to make cake toppers with fondant?

Roll it to about 1 cm thickness. Place the paper template on the rolled fondant and used your sugarcraft knife to cut it along its outline. For the top part of the guitar cake topper body, do not cut the square indentation out. Instead, just mark the lines with your sugar craft knife.

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