How to ship sugar cookies by mail?

Alana Stoltenberg asked a question: How to ship sugar cookies by mail?
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  • Line an appropriately-sized box with bubble wrap and carefully stack the cookies with bubble wrap between layers. Make sure that each cookie is well-cushioned in all sides and does not move around by filling any void with more bubble wrap or other packing materials such as packing peanuts, air pillows, and shredded paper.

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Use an airtight container for packing the cookies. Line the bottom of the container with a cushioning material, such as bubble wrap or Kraft paper. If shipping different types of cookies, stack bigger ones at the bottom, with smaller and lighter ones on top. Fill empty space with cushioning material.

Seal the cookies in cello bags with the heat sealer. Apply labels to the back of the cookies. Wrap 2 cookies in a sheet of tissue paper, making sure that the cookies are not touching each other (see this process in the video) Assemble the gift box and place a piece of cardboard at the bottom of the box for extra support.

Place an order for mail order cookies online on Goldbel ly. Or check the Gooey On The Inside website for other ordering and delivery options. 2.

Close the outer box and attach address and labels such as “Fragile” and “Handle with Care”. Take the package to your local post office or shipping company and choose the fastest option possible so that the sugar cookies arrive fresh and in their best form.

Try baking the cookies the morning of the day you're going to send them, or at least the night before. If you want to consider a faster shipping method, you can also choose to express-ship the cookies through UPS or FedEx, or to send them as Priority or Express mail through your local post office.

Package your cookies inside a box, then fill a second box with packing material, insert the box and surround it with packing material. Don’t skimp on the packing supplies. Save peanuts, bubble wrap, etc to ensure that the box inside the box won’t move.

Stuff the tin or container with tissue paper (I’ve purchased this set of Christmas colored tissue paper– it’s great), crumbled newspaper, or packing peanuts to keep the cookies snug. Place the tin or container into a shipping box and use more crumbled newspaper or other shipping materials if needed.

A. Place the cookie in the middle of the bubble wrap, bubble-side up. B. Fold the bottom portion of the bubble wrap over the cookie and secure the ends with some scotch tape. C. Fold both sides of the bundle toward the center and secure each with some scotch tape.

How I’ve successfully shipped hundreds of decorated cookies without any cookies breaking! The secret is inside the box! Watch the video so you can ship cooki...

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