Is ice cream good for a sore throat?

Anita Swift asked a question: Is ice cream good for a sore throat?
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Ice cream.

Cold foods such as ice cream help soothe sore throats and reduce inflammation.

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When you're having throat pain, you may find that ice cream soothes your throat. Like other frozen desserts, ice cream can numb the throat and give you temporary relief. Ice cream may also simply be a non-irritating food to consume when your throat hurts. Since the pain of a sore throat can get in the way of eating enough, the extra calories from frozen desserts might not be a concern in the short-term.

First the pros. Because ice cream is so cold and soft, it could help soothe your throat and get rid of the irritation for a little while, by reducing inflammation. Also when you are sick you don’t feel like eating anything, however most people (children especially) will not refuse ice cream, thanks to its delicious taste.

Use in moderation: There is no medical reason i can think of not to consume cold items when you have a sore throat. I would predict ice cream will dull the pain by more ... Read More. 5.6k views Answered >2 years ago. Thank.

You may eat ice cream when you have a sore throat. There are old myths floating around about dairy products and phlegm production, which is why someone may have told you not to eat ice cream with a cold. Some people find cold things soothing for a sore throat, while others find warm drinks soothing (herbal tea with honey is a good choice).

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