Is ice cream or cake better for you?

Clark Torp asked a question: Is ice cream or cake better for you?
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ice cream or cake - where is more nutrients? Calories: cake - 40% more than ice cream. Carbohydrates: cake - 102% more than ice cream. Fat: ice cream - 27% more than cake.

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Ice cream is extremely better than cake. One reason ice cream is better is that it can be used in different ways. Ice cream can be used in milkshake, sundaes, and even ice cream cake. Another reason is that it can help on a blazing hot day. While the best time to eat cake is that when its fresh or cold.

Hallie Cromwell, sophomore environmental science major, preferred ice cream cake. “I definitely like ice cream cake better because I hate cake by itself,” Cromwell said. In Cromwell’s experience, cake is nearly always dry and overly sugary. She said she gets excited about cake every time only to realize, once again, that she hates it.

which on eis better?

Ice cream can be delicious and not too bad for you when chosen carefully. Skip anything with the words extra creamy and rich. And don’t fall for the word light. Some “light” ice cream treats have 14 grams of fat and 300 calories.

Popular opinion seems to agree with the dictionary in some regard, going so far as to posit that ice cream cake is just ice cream in the shape of a cake.

No matter what type of cake the actual cake part is, it's just not that good, despite what hipsters tell me. Ice cream cake on the other hand, is way better because the entire thing is worth eating. 72 comments 91% Upvoted

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