Is meringue powder safer than egg white?

Cicero Barton asked a question: Is meringue powder safer than egg white?
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I make my egg white royal icing recipe. Normally I make royal icing with meringue powder because it's safer than raw eggs… The reason meringue powder is safer to use is that there is a slight risk of getting salmonella or another food-borne illness from eating raw eggs.

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Answered 1 year ago · Author has 2.8K answers and 855.9K answer views NO The big difference between egg white powder and meringue powder is that egg white powder is formulated to replace egg whites specifically, while meringue powder is meant to replace all of the ingredients in meringue. Meringue may include corn starch and other ingredients.

However, the most significant difference between meringue powder and egg white powder is that the latter is used primarily to replace egg whites instead of meringue powder, which replaces the entire meringue ingredient profile. Still, egg white powder can provide almost everything you need from meringue powder.

Egg whites are the best substitute for meringue powder. Spiceography shares that, before meringue powder existed, egg whites were the go-to ingredient and suggests that your final baked goods and desserts actually taste better when you use egg whites over meringue powder.

Pasteurized dried egg whites offer a safe alternative to fresh egg whites. Pasteurization heats the egg very quickly, then cools it to kill bacteria. Combine powdered egg whites with water and sugar, then beat. It may take longer to achieve the high, light texture of a good meringue with powdered whites.

Meringue powder is a substitute for the meringues traditionally used in royal icing, so egg white meringues with powdered sugar are quite naturally the go-to meringue powder replacement. Though whipping egg whites into royal icing can be trickier than using meringue powder since it contains stabilizers, you can always go the traditional route.

There are tons of ways to let the airiness of an egg-white shine and see the science in action. But, the simplest one is by making it into a meringue. In meringues, sugar and egg white (and maybe some heat) work in tandem to create an array of foams that are even more stable and airy than those made with just egg whites.

In spite of the food-safety risks, many bakers prefer egg whites over the meringue powder that they are intending to replace! You can simply switch back – use 1 room-temperature egg white for every 4 tablespoons of meringue powder and water mixture.

Add sugar 1 tablespoon at a time as your eggs whip. Slowly stream in the sugar after the egg whites have been whipping for about 10 seconds. Add the sugar in thirds: 1/3 when the whites are a very pale yellow (about 10 seconds in), 1/3 when the whites begin to foam, and 1/3 just before the whites reach a soft peak. Add all of the sugar at once.

egg whites - adds too much wetness, liquid, have to separate eggs, keep at room temp, yolks can be wasted or have to be used in another way, beating in a clean non greasy, glass or metal bowl When to use in other recipes, meringue powder longevity, not eating right away, storing, transporting

I use MP also and like prterrell have never had any problems using the 0 or 00 tips. Also using the meringue powder is safer when Royal Icing for flowers or decorations that may be eaten rather than egg whites. I hope our opinions help you decide. evelyn

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