Is soft serve ice cream dangerous?

Obie Harris asked a question: Is soft serve ice cream dangerous?
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According to the FSAI, poor hygiene practices can increase the risk of food poisoning bacteria in soft serve ice-cream*. Those particularly at risk of food poisoning are young children, pregnant women, the elderly and the sick.

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The final problem with ice cream is that some flavors may actually be dangerous for dogs. Chocolate, for example, can be toxic for dogs because their bodies cannot efficiently process components of...

At many shops it was good news. At 31 places, including White Cap Frozen Yogurt just outside Seattle, the ice cream and yogurt were sanitary.

In addition to that, soft serve contains waist-expanding high fructose corn syrup, as well as polysorbate 80 — which, according to Georgia State University researchers, causes cancer cells to flourish in your gut.

Soft Vs. Regular Ice Cream. Whether soft-serve or regular ice cream is lower in calories depends on the type of regular ice cream you choose. A 1/2-cup serving of either chocolate or French vanilla soft serve ice cream has about 191 calories. The same amount of regular chocolate ice cream has about 143 calories.

Soft serve's daily need coverage for Cholesterol is 16% higher. The amount of Cholesterol in Ice cream is lower. The food types used in this comparison are Ice creams, vanilla and Ice cream, soft serve, chocolate .

Soft serve is a national favorite. Despite our love for hard ice cream, soft serve gets picked about 70 percent of the time.It’s not hard to understand why ― this soft, pillowy puff of magic defines summer ― but it’s a little tricky to wrap our heads around all the ingredients that show up in this summertime treat.

A woman who was pulled over for dangerous driving along a busy Sydney road told police she was using one hand to steer while eating a soft serve ice cream and cheeseburger.

Ice cream poses a danger when it has melted and then been re-frozen, which can encourage nasty bugs to growIce cream poses a danger when it has melted and then been re-frozen, which can encourage...

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