Is tea and biscuits good for breakfast?

Serenity Stamm asked a question: Is tea and biscuits good for breakfast?
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Tea biscuits are always great - for breakfast, lunch or with dinner.

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As Breakfast Tea is the staple morning beverage of many British households, it’s no wonder it’s paired with the classic digestive. Whether you enjoy your English Breakfast Tea black, or milky, the Rich Tea/Digestive is the perfect dunking partner. Although, we’d recommend a dash of milk, as the milk enhances the creaminess of the biscuit.

But, as for an accompaniment with the morning cup of tea, biscuits can further contribute to acidity and indigestion due to its refined wheat flour and saturated fat content. Ideal start to the day ! Water, water and more water – Water is the best tonic for the body in every way.

Philippa advises a classic English breakfast for this biscuit. ‘A strong English breakfast is the kind of tea you go for when you want something strong; because a digestive is also robust, it...

Other than the fact that tea and biscuits is often the highlight of the day, science has also proven that it can help make you feel better in more than one way. The organic substance tannin, found naturally in tea, can often make tea drinkers feel nauseous, especially if they like their tea strong and brew it for a few minutes before drinking (owning to the fact that tannin will seep into a brew after two minutes).

The best the breakfast biscuits could offer was 16% of your daily calcium needs, and some only contain around 2% of your daily calcium needs – Belvita Milk & Cereals biscuits (despite having milk in their name).

Tea And Biscuits This is the classic breakfast for when you don’t have time in the morning or don’t feel like eating. A mug of tea is a classic English choice anyway, while having a few biscuits means that you’re at least getting something in your stomach.

Biscuits may also have added sugar, which can again mess with the blood sugar levels of diabetic people. Tea with added sugar may also mess with the sugar levels for diabetics and should be avoided. If you really want to include tea in your diet while you have diabetes, healthier options like green tea can be considered.

Tea and biscuits A great saviour for those who fancy a little extra snoozing and less time preparing food. A strong cuppa, followed by a few digestives will definitely get you prepared to face the ...

A low glycemic biscuit and a low glycemic tea can be taken as breakfast for a person with diabetes, as the low glycemic meal will slowly release glucose in the blood and thus, maintain the blood sugar level. What is Low

Some prefer ginger tea over green tea while others fawn over lemon tea. Not only there are numerous health benefits of green tea, also its a healthy drink for boosting up the metabolism. Similarly, biscuit fans have their favourites too. Children enjoy cream-filled biscuits, whereas those meant for tea dipping are usually Parle-G and Marie.

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