Is there actually milk in milk chocolate?

Jeffrey Kautzer asked a question: Is there actually milk in milk chocolate?
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Milk Chocolate: As you may guess, milk chocolate is chocolate made with milk (at least 12 percent) – whether that's milk powder, liquid milk or condensed milk – as well as cocoa butter and sugar… While it can vary by brand, white chocolate usually has at least 14 percent milk solids.

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I can only answer this briefly, but milk chocolate is actually mostly milk and sugar anyway. Way back in the seventeenth century, Dutch merchants who brought chocolate back from the Americas mostly consumed it as a cold drink. Healthy, but bitter...

If milk does not appear in the ingredient list or in a statement such as "contains milk," be aware that dark chocolate is often made on shared equipment with milk chocolate, so dark chocolate ...

If chocolate milk was made from bloody milk that would mean that farmers would have to have expensive additional equipment to store that milk. There would also have to be a special milk truck going around to farms to pick it up. Which is pretty absurd when you think about it. Snopes has also chimed in on this if you want another perspective.

In a recent study, the FDA sampled 94 dark chocolate bars from across the U.S. from different manufacturers. They found that six products contained verbiage indicating milk as an ingredient. 88 bars did not reflect milk as an ingredient on the label, but 51 of 88 actually did contain a milk-based ingredient. The FDA found that many dark ...

In the EU, however, the minimum percentage of cocoa for milk chocolate is 25%, although UK-style 20-24% cocoa milk chocolate like Cadburys Dairy Milk can be sold on the continent as long as it is labelled “family milk chocolate.”. In the United States, the required amount of cocoa solids is just 10%.

I recently noticed an Instagram post under the hashtag #foodfacts, which I use for my CulinaryLore posts on Instagram. The image claimed that chocolate milk is actually made from expired white milk that is sent back to the processing facilities, boiled down and re-pasteurized, then mixed with artificial synthetic chocolate flavoring, sugar (GMO).

Milk chocolate is a solid chocolate confectionery containing cocoa, sugar and milk.The most popular form of chocolate in many countries, milk chocolate was originally sold solely as a chocolate bar but is now available in a variety of forms. Major milk chocolate producers include Ferrero, Hershey, Mondelez, Mars and Nestlé.Between them, they are responsible for over half of the chocolate sold ...

Yes—chocolate is dairy-free. Well, true chocolate that is. Thanks to childhood memories of snacking on mass-marketed milk chocolate products which contained a slew of additional ingredients and fillers to increase shelf life and satiate America’s sugary palates, many of us assumed that we’d have to give up chocolate along with dairy.

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