Keeping up milk supply while working?

Dillan Strosin asked a question: Keeping up milk supply while working?
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Tips for Maintaining Your Supply After Returning to Work

  1. Start with the right breast pump…
  2. Build up a breastmilk freezer stash…
  3. Breast pump often enough…
  4. Nurse frequently when you're with your baby…
  5. Anticipate a decline over the course of the day and the week…
  6. Schedule a babymoon…
  7. Consider power pumping.

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10 Tips to Maintain Milk Supply After Returning to Work. Tips #1: Always choose to latch on whenever you are together with your baby. We all know, having correctly-latched baby is the most effective way of milk removal from the breast. So, whenever you are with baby, always nurse.

They are worried about not having time to express milk, being judged by co-workers, or feeling pressure to perform. Here are a few ways to take the pressure off and increase your confidence that you can return to work and still keep your breastfeeding goals intact. 1 – Present a plan to your employer

Here are some ideas to insure that you have ample milk for your baby, even if you are apart during working hours. During the work week, squeeze in as many breastfeedings as you can. Most employed mothers can get in at least four breastfeedings during the usual workday — one morning feeding before work, an after-work feeding, an after-dinner feeding, and a before-bed feeding.

Given those challenges, here are some of our favorite tips for keeping up your supply after returning to work: Start with the right breast pump. You're probably well aware that there are different pumps for different purposes. Because the amount of milk removed from your breasts is key in determining how much milk you

But I am an active nursing mom, and here’s how I’ve kept my milk supply up to feed my little man and still hit the gym quite regularly … Eat a lot of hearty calorie-dense healthy food throughout the day. Especially carbs and veggies and fruit and oats. I eat very calorie dense meals three times a day, with 2-3 snacks as well.

Keeping up Your Milk Supply 16. During the work day, squeeze in as many breastfeedings as you can. Depending on your work hours, most employed mothers can get in at least four breastfeedings during the usual workday — one early morning feeding before work, a couple evening feedings, and a before- bed feeding.

Take In Plenty of Fluids. To produce milk, it helps to have extra fluids for your body to work with. Try to drink about 13 cups of liquids a day (9). You should drink even when you don’t feel thirsty, and if you notice your pee is looking dark yellow, you should drink a glass of water as soon as you can.

You need a pretty high daily intake of protein and water to keep milk production up. Try keeping peanuts in your desk, or bringing hard-boiled eggs with your lunch. And be sure you have a big water cup or bottle that sits on your desk at the ready all day. back to top. Step 7: Use Galactogogues

Increase Pumping Sessions. Once your milk supply is established, you can space out your pumping sessions every three to four hours instead of every two to three. But, to increase your supply, step the frequency back up to every two to three hours. 1 .

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