Lactart acid of milk?

Michelle Miller asked a question: Lactart acid of milk?
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Made from lactid acid, lactart is an acid usually found in dairy products like dairy and butter milk. Despite its origin and name, lactart doesn't taste like milk. Its enjoyable tartness makes it an excellent replacement for lime and lemon juice in cocktails.

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Advertisement for Lactart Acid of Milk depicting a pastoral scene of a milkmaid carrying a pail of milk on her head. She is stepping down on stones to a path leading away from the cow pasture. The caption is: Lactart Acid of Milk. The wording on the stones and path is: A Pure Vegetable Acid For Household Uses, Avery Lactate Co., Boston, Mass., U.S.A.

1. Title(s): Lactart Acid of Milk : A Delicious Beverage[graphic] / Donaldson Brothers, N.Y. Publisher: New York. : Donaldson Brothers. , 1884. Description: 1 print : chromolithograph.

Lactart (acid of milk) was a popular beverage flavoring produced by the Avery Lactate Company of Boston beginning in the early 1880s and was available in Middleborough at local grocers like Lucas & Bliss. It could also be found on draft at B. F. Tripp's candy store. Made from the lactic acid in milk, Lactart had a sour or acidic taste and was used ...

This apothecary card for Lactart displays an illustration of a couple sailing. “L.C. Malcom, 221 High Street, Providence, RI,” stamped on the back. Circa 1870 through 1920

Product Description. Lactart Acid of Milk Sign: Very early paper litho on original cloth backing advertising sign w/ metal strips at top and bottom, for Avery Lactate Co.’s “Lactart Acid of Milk” patent medicine product “Cure for Dyspepsia, Etc.” (Lithography by Donaldson Brothers, Five Points, NY, Copyright 1884).

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The lactic acid content of buttermilk is approximately 1%. You can also buy “;facial peels” which are up to 70% lactic acid and rub that over your face “;for younger smoother skin”. Lactart is approximately 10% lactic acid, so once diluted in a drink it would be similar to buttermilk. Does it make everything taste like yogurt? No.

Advertising print on the back of the card begins with the heading "Lactart (Milk Acid) The New Acid Beverage and Tonic. Indorsed (sic) by the Highest Medical Authority." Lactart is promoted both AS A BEVERAGE ("superior to Lemons or Lime Juice...") and AS A REMEDY ("Especially useful in Dyspepsia, Biliousness, Nervous Depression, Wakefulness, Headache and all ills arising from a disordered Stomach...".

Lactart was originally created by the Avery Chemical Company as a healthy, natural acid for flavouring beverages since it was made from lactic acid, the acid most commonly found in yogurt and butter milk but also in Lambic beers. Lactart has a pleasant sourness that is uniquely different than lemon and lime juice.

Up for bid is a wonderful Victorian trade card for Lactart Acid Of Milk. The artist has provided a colorful lithographic illustration of a Victorian-era milk maid dressed in period attire balancing a pale of milk on her head. When you supersize image 1 you will see the fine detail. Notice the cows behind her.

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