Lactose free fresh milk singapore?

Leonora Friesen asked a question: Lactose free fresh milk singapore?
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  • SINGAPORE - Jostling for space in supermarkets with the slew of plant milk alternatives is cow 's milk. With one big difference - the lactose is missing. The newest entrant is Magnolia Plus Lactose Free Milk. CP-Meiji Lactose Free Milk was introduced in 2019 in 200ml bottles for a limited time and the larger 946ml option was launched last year.

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Skimmed & Lactose-Free Milk | Cold Storage Singapore. $4.95. $5.75. 13% off. MEIJI. Lactose Free Fresh Milk 946ml. Size: 946ML. $3.60. FARM FRESH.

Home Dairy, Chilled & Frozen Milk & Soya Skimmed & Lactose-Free Milk Fresh Milk Lactose Free 1L. 1 / 2. Back to Category. $3.60. Fresh Milk Lactose Free 1L FARM FRESH. Size: 1L. Product Code: 5036638. SHARE. You May Also Like $4.95. $5.75. 13% off. MEIJI. Lactose Free Fresh Milk 946ml . Size: 946ML.

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Meiji launches 200ml lactose-free fresh milk in S'pore. It is retailing for S$1.50 at NTUC FairPrice.

Meiji Lactose Free Milk Meiji-Lactose-Free-Milk-Choco. (65) 6861 0529 Tel [email protected] Email CP-Meiji Singapore Facebook. © 2021 right ...

If you’re looking for lactose-free options, try the homemade almond milk, or swap regular milk for almond or soy milk for an additional $2. Open Farm Community is located at 130E Minden Rd, Singapore 248819, tel: 6471 0306.

Singapore does have lactose free products, including milk. You could buy some fresh or long life lactose free milk from a local Supermarket.

The F&N Magnolia PLUS Lactose Free Milk has launched in Singapore on Oct. 13, at S$4.50 for a 946ml pack. Photo via F&N Foods The product is available at most supermarkets, hypermarkets, and...

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Farm Fresh Skinny Milk comes with lactose-free & less fat but no less of the amazing fresh taste! Enjoy goodness of dairy! Lactose-free 100% fresh milk full of nutrients and vitamins and minus the discomfort. 1L. Nutritional Facts (per 100ml): Energy – 51kcal. Carbohydrates – 4.3g.

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