Lidl oat milk review?

Moses Olson asked a question: Lidl oat milk review?
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Lidl Oat Milk

The milk itself is thin and watery, and not particularly creamy. In terms of taste, it's not sweet, which is a big plus point for me. It's acceptable in tea. However, because of its thin consistency, it did not make for a pleasant cup of coffee or bowl of cereal.

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I found this in Lidl this week and at £1.25 for a 1 litre carton that smms pretty reasonable for what you are getting. It is only two ingredients which are w...

Lidl’s Just Free Unsweetened Oat Milk (89p for 1 litre) is similar to Aldi’s oat milk. Both in terms of minimal ingredients, and the fact it has no added vitamins or minerals. The milk itself is thin and watery, and not particularly creamy. In terms of taste, it’s not sweet, which is a big plus point for me.

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Lidl is selling budget-friendly vegan milk. The British supermarket chain now offers oat and almond milk under its Just Free line. The dairy-free organic milks cost 89p per litre, which is around half the price of some other vegan milk options. The plant-based drinks join Lidl’s growing range of vegan food and beverages.

Silk “Oat Yeah” Oat Milk Not super sweet, but also not completely devoid of that tell-tale oat-y taste. It has a nice, balanced flavor profile (+1), and is pretty creamy (+1). The taste was similar to that of Silk’s soy milk, and had the kind of consistency I actually enjoyed drinking straight from a glass.

Check out Lidl’s oat milk. If you have tried it, please leave a review below . Upload your photos. Load More. Your social handle . Post Reset. Follow. veganfooduk • 6th April 2020 1159 Pins • 0 Followers Follow Board Pinned onto My vegan products. × Embed ...

While it seems that the coffee community has spoken, naming oat milk as the new favorite dairy milk alternative, there's no current consensus on which brand is the gold standard.

Oatly Oat Milk Barista Edition is quite similar to Oatly’s flagship oat milk, but has some additional ingredients to stabilize the acidity of the oat milk and to make it steam with a better texture. It’s still got no added sugar, which is great if you enjoy lattes but are trying to keep your sugar intake low.

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