Milk fed veal vs grain fed veal?

Makayla Hyatt asked a question: Milk fed veal vs grain fed veal?
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Milk-fed veal is light pink in colour, and very tender with a subtle taste. Grain-fed veal, by comparison, is a bit darker pink, also very tender but with a mild beef flavour. Grain-fed veal is raised to approximately 295 to 318 kg (650 to 700 lbs), achieved around seven months of age.

  • Grain fed veal may be slightly older than milk fed veal. Some butchers may call it baby beef, but that term is not used much anymore. I would prefer grain fed, since milk fed may imply dark pen conditions, with a milk formula feed and antibiotics. Either veal will work well in long slow cooking; milk fed may have an advantage for tender fried dishes.

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