Oat milk contain gluten?

Jimmie Schuppe asked a question: Oat milk contain gluten?
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If you can't consume gluten, you should only buy oat milk that's certified gluten-free. Although naturally gluten-free, oats are frequently cross-contaminated with gluten. Therefore, there's a good chance that your oat milk isn't gluten-free unless it's certified as such.

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Oats, like wheat, barley, rice, and cornmeal, are a grain. Unlike wheat, though, unprocessed oats do not contain gluten. It seems straightforward, but here’s the catch: Oats are often processed on the same equipment used for making wheat products. Because of that fact gluten contamination is often inevitable.

Oatly is one oat milk brand whose U.S. products are certified gluten-free. Planet Oat, Califia Farms, and Elmhurst all state that their oat milk is gluten-free but don’t have third-party...

Oat milk is made by soaking oats in water, pulverizing the oats it in a blender and then straining it to create a creamy, milk-like substance. While oats are naturally gluten-free, oats are notoriously cross contaminated with wheat.

Oatly is the first major oat milk that hit the market, and remains one of the most popular oat milks out there. Based on their website, they only make their oat milk using certified gluten-free oats. All of their U.S. products are certified gluten-free by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO). Planet Oat, Elmhurst, and Califia Farms

Not all oat milk is gluten-free. That’s because not all oats are considered gluten-free. In order to have gluten-free oat milk, you’ll need to look for a gluten-free label on the packaging of the oat milk.

Oat milk is a dairy-free and vegan-friendly milk substitute. This milk alternative is very popular amongst people who are lactose intolerant or struggle with allergens like nuts, soy and gluten. Oat milk is made from oats and water.

A few years ago veganism boomed onto the UK scene and suddenly oat milk was everywhere. And because it's cheaper, pretty much all UK coffee shops (apart from a few independents) use oat milk which contains gluten. Great if you're vegan or dairy free - not so great if you're gluten free and in particular, if you have coeliac disease.

As a result, manufactured oat milks are fortified with vitamins and minerals to increase nutritional value, however homemade oat milk will lack the nutrient enrichment. May contain gluten – Oats themselves are gluten free. Sometimes they get cross contaminated with wheat on shared harvesting or packaging equipment.

Accordingly, the Australian Food Standards Code prohibits the use of a ‘gluten free’ claim on oat containing products. The Australian food standard differs to the regulations in Europe and the USA, where oats can be marketed as ‘gluten free’.

Combine a 1 cup of rolled oats with 4 cups of water in a high speed blender. Set to high speed, and blend for 30 seconds, then filter the liquid through a fine strainer to be left with homemade oat milk. Milk is playing an essential role in our daily life to maintain our health. But nowadays, normal milk is not enough.

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