Organic milk powder new zealand?

Laisha Conn asked a question: Organic milk powder new zealand?
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  • Open Country's milk powders contain no additives, antibiotics, or preservatives, and our guaranteed organic milk comes from cows grazed on AsureQuality Organic Certified farms. Cows that are grass fed, living outside all year and free to roam the fields of some of New Zealand's most fertile farmland.

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Pure Organic Milk Powder from New Zealand’s biggest independent brand, Open Country Dairy. An Organic Milk Powder producer in NZ’s South Island, Open Country Organics sources local milk from grass fed cows to produce high quality organic milk for export.

Pāmu milk is 100% milked, made and packed in New Zealand. Every batch can be traced back to select, sustainably managed farms, and receives the utmost care at every step from the pasture to your home. Your batch number can be found on every Pāmu milk product: at the bottom of the powder cans, on the lid of UHT bottles.

New Zealand Organic Milk Products from the World’s 2nd largest whole milk powder exporter. Pure natural whole milk powder from grass fed New Zealand cows. [email protected]

Our pure whole milk powder complies with Chinese COFCC criteria. Independently certified as New Zealand organic by AsureQuality. Nothing but nature – non GMO (genetically modified organism), no antibiotics, no added hormones. Trust you can trace – made and packed in New Zealand.

Organic Bovine Whole milk powder produced milk containing less than 1% A1 Beta Casein protein. This product is produced from cows that graze on New Zealand pasture and is Independently tested to Infant grade standards and ensures the A1 Beta Casein protein is less than 1%.

Currently, GMP Dairy is the only Chinese certified manufacturer of formulated organic milk powder. We are also the largest manufacturer of formulated milk powder products in New Zealand, holding organic certification from Biogro New Zealand, AsureQuality New Zealand, the European Union and the US.

NZ Gold Organic Whole Milk powder is made with 100% whole milk for pure and natural dairy nutrition. Premium safety of a convenient resealable tin. Ingredients: Whole Milk Powder, Only the very best Organic. Our Milk Powder is strong on nutrients including complete Protein and calcium which helps support general development.

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