Pokka milk?

Dasia Gleichner asked a question: Pokka milk?
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  • POKKA Milk Coffee is made from specially selected roasted coffee beans and high-quality milk. Its delectable and balance taste with luscious coffee aroma linger on to delight the taste buds, making it the perfect rejuvenating beverage that also provides a comforting indulgence.

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Milk. Indulge in the nutritious goodness of milk and so much more with POKKA Milk Drinks. Flavour boosted with a blend of all-time favourites including real fruit and cookies and cream, POKKA Milk Drinks add a whole new dimension to natural, creamy goodness, anytime and for every age. Back.

A long-time favourite for many, POKKA Melon Milk Drink bursts with flavours of real, delicious melon juice, smoothly infused with silky, real milk. This unique creation has stood the test of time and is a top choice of fans all around the world; a delightful experience leaving you in awe! Smoothly blended for a silky taste.

Bandung Rose Milk Drink. Formulated to bring back your nostalgic Asian favourites flavour. Pokka Bandung Rose Milk is rich, flavourful and aromatic. Made with quality milk and contains no preservatives, making it the ideal indulgence of any moment. Made with high quality milk; Contains no preservatives

POKKA Premium Matcha Milk Tea is a soothing blend of specially selected tea leaves, quality milk and 100% Matcha Powder from Japan. This popular pairing of Matcha and smooth silky milk tea is the perfect option for Matcha lovers. 100% real brewed from selected premium tea leaves, not from extract. Deliciously blended with high quality milk for ...

Another asian delight, from the brand that gives us really good coffee comes this "strawberry milk" drink

A can of sweet milk coffee from super drink brand Pokka. Pokka have been brewing popular canned coffee in Japan for many years, this ‘real brewed’ series is specially aimed at coffee lovers with its rich coffee made from freshly ground coffee beans. Enjoy this can of sweet Milk Coffee hot or cold. (product of Singapore)

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POKKA Premium Milk Coffee is made from specially selected gourmet coffee beans roasted to perfection and brewed with quality milk for a rich, strong taste and luscious aroma lingering on to delight the taste buds.

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