Raw jersey milk?

Freddy Yost asked a question: Raw jersey milk?
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  • Raw Jersey milk is high in healthy fatty acids and is a good source of conjugated linoleic acids (CLAs), which are a potent cancer fighter. CLAs have also been linked with long-term weight maintenance as well as many more general health benefits.

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Raw milk from Dreamer’s Farm is 100% Jersey milk. Jersey cows milk is known to be richer and creamier than milk from other cattle. Typically it has 17% more calcium and 20% more protein. Jersey milk is also known to contain the A2 beta-casein protein, which is regarded to be more easily digested than A1 protein.

Grass-fed, Organically Produced, Raw Jersey Cow Milk.

Raw Jersey cow milk is packed with nutrients Few whole foods share the nutritional profile of milk. One cup of whole cow’s milk contains 146 calories, 8 grams of protein, and 8 grams of fat.

A bottle of fresh, whole, raw Jersey milk. Unfortunately the “Jersey” refers to the breed of cow, not the state. This milk comes from Birchwood Farm, just across the Delaware in Newton, PA. Because of a 1964 law that prohibits sale of raw milk, New Jersey farmers are in a disadvantaged market position compared to dairies in most other states. The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture has permitted over 150 farms in the production and sale of raw milk for human consumption.

The start of the day begins with milking Cecelia, our Jersey cow that we hand milk. We enjoy the raw milk and utilize it for all manner of dairy pleasures......

COLD PRESSED RAW JERSEY MILK. THIS IS MILK. MADE BY COW. You've probably not tasted anything like it before, because this is Jersey cow milk un-messed with. Not heat pasteurised or homogenised. This is quality Jersey milk straight from the farm, treated with cold high pressure to make it safe. Enjoy milk as it’s meant to be, never heated ...

Raw Jersey Flavoured Milk 1L Regular price £2.50 We are a Cow With Calf Dairy and Farm shop specialising in raw Jersey milk, milkshakes, cream, butter and much more from our own grass fed Jersey cows who are allowed to keep their calves with them rather than weaning at birth - usually for 6-8 months but this can be longer depending on the cow and calf pair.

Merton Dairy Raw jersey milk, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire. 109 likes. We are a Raw milk dairy running in Granchester Cambridge on a calf at foot system,...

It’s high quality Jersey milk. Claravale Farm milk comes from Jersey cows. This breed is world renowned for the quality of its milk, which contains higher concentrations of proteins, solids, butterfat, and beta-caroteen than milk from other breeds.

Raw Jersey milk - 12 litres. 31.00. Raw Jersey milk - 16 litres. 36.80. Raw Jersey milk - 20 litres. 43.00. Organic Beef Burgers (pack of 6) 7.20. Free Range eggs (half a dozen)

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