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1 hr 47 min · 2017. Drama. Oh, to be a teenage girl in Berlin. Based on Stefanie de Velasco's novel of the same name, Ute Wieland's feature puts the audience in the depths of adolescence—complete with heavy black eyeshadow, punk music, and cigarettes in the school bathroom.

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Tiger Milk: Directed by Ute Wieland. With Flora Thiemann, Emily Kusche, David Ali Rashed, Narges Rashidi. Nini and Jameelah are best friends. Together they delve into the urban jungle of Berlin, amid clouds of drug smoke and alcoholic dazes, looking for love, sex and a better future. But life intervenes: Jameelah is in danger of being deported to Iraq, and then they witness a murder.

Tiger Milk Photos View All Photos (18) Movie Info. Two 14-year-old best friends break free from the innocence of childhood during the summer. Genre: Comedy ...

Tiger Milk is like a less successful but equally muddled version of 2016's Divines. A coming of age film that attempts to capture the exuberance of youth while dissecting cultural politics, but doesn't really know what it's about any more than the young girls it follows can know who they are yet.

Best friends Nini and Jameelah are both 14 years old and live in the same housing complex in Berlin. Jameelah's family is from Iraq and might be deported if their application for citizenship isn't approved, but right now, the girls try not to worry about these existential problems. They look forward to the Berlin summer and the school holidays.

Tiger Milk (2019) Tiger Milk. (2019) TMDb Score. 69. NR 1 hr 46 min Aug 6th, 2019 Comedy, Drama. Best friends Nini and Jameelah are both 14 years old and live in the same housing complex in Berlin ...

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Comedy. Romance. The friendship of two rebellious teen girls seeking a summer of love and partying is threatened by one’s potential deportation and an explosive event. DIRECTOR. Ute Wieland. STARRING. Flora Li Thiemann. Emily Kusche. David Ali Rashed.

April 10, 2020. Unfortunately, the most poignant things Tiger Milk has to say are overshadowed by lesser plot points that eat up valuable screen time. Full Review.

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Tiger Milk, by Stefanie de Velasco: A raw tale of teenage friendship. Review: Lively coming-of-age novel with likeable, well-developed characters and convincing dialogue

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