Turmeric milk for sore throat?

Phoebe Cummings asked a question: Turmeric milk for sore throat?
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  • If you are taking this to relieve a sore throat, add 1/2 teaspoon of ghee to the hot turmeric milk before drinking it. The ghee will melt and coat your throat, relieving you of cough as well. Note: The most important part is to sit and relax with this cuppa for a few minutes, relishing its soothing flavour and rustic aroma!

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Turmeric milk is a popular drink in India which is usually enjoyed as a homemade natural remedy for pain associated with sore throat or cold. Turmeric is an amazing spice which also is known to be helpful to give relief from both cough and inflammation related joint pains like arthritis pain.

Owing to the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric, turmeric milk cures the infection in the throat and alleviates soreness in the throat. Make sure to drink turmeric milk twice a day-once in the morning and once in the evening- to reap the benefits. Add some turmeric in tea

Turmeric milk is an ancient but still popular Ayurvedic remedy for cough, sore throat and colds. The health benefits of turmeric and ginger combined with the sleep-promoting properties of milk are what make this a tried and true home remedy that will heal the body and soothe the soul. Don’t omit the black peppercorns from the recipe.

Turmeric milk - homemade herbal milk is an excellent traditional milk used to cure flu, cold, cough and sore throat.You might also like Turmeric tea recipe -...

To get rid of sore throat and cough, drink this turmeric milk two times a day for 2-3 days. Method 3: Turmeric Tea Turmeric can also help you to soothe your sore throat.

Start with a slurry of hot milk, honey, turmeric, and black pepper. Once everything is dissolved together, pour in the rest of the milk. And heat until steaming. Hot Milk + Turmeric Sore Throat Remedy

1 cup of milk (nourishes and soothes the throat) Instructions: Boil a cup of milk and let it cool before pouring it into a glass. Add the turmeric and black pepper. Mix everything together. Drink this turmeric milk twice a day for two to

One such remedy is haldi ka doodh which translates into turmeric milk, which is simply that, turmeric (haldi) with milk (doodh). In a family of six, at least one of us would be suffering from cold and sore throat during winter. Everyone had to drink turmeric milk regardless of who was really sick.

To use this remedy, take half a spoon of turmeric and coarsely grounded black pepper and add it to a glass of boiling milk. Drink this mixture twice in a day (in the morning and evening) to find...

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