What do i do if my fondant is too wet?

Kamren Pfeffer asked a question: What do i do if my fondant is too wet?
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Place the project in front of a fan or air conditioner to dry it out. If it's a light coloured project, try dusting a thin layer of corn flour or icing sugar over the wet areas to soak up some of the moisture. Place it in a closed box or wrap it in a bag and place it into the fridge.

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Don't touch the wet, sticky fondant. Try to move it to a less humid room if possible. Knead some tylose into fondant to keep it from melting as quickly as it would otherwise. I had a few heart attacks when the humidity was bad, but the next day was clear and beautiful and the fondant dried right up!

Fondant feels wet to touch Try adding quite a bit of sifted icing sugar and CMC/tylose and kneading it into the fondant to bring it back to working consistency. This might also be due to the brand of fondant or the climate you are working in. Ensure you are working in an air-conditioned environment.

Like wallpaper bubbles, fondant bulges due to trapped air can be deflated if the cake is freshly iced. You can pick the fondant over the bulge and press gently to flatten. If the bulge is near the bottom of the cake, you can use an offset spatula to lift the fondant away from the bottom, wet the cake with water, and smooth.

Fondant can become too moist, too warm, too soft and too dry. Follow these simple steps to replenish any moisture your fondant may have lost during the decorating process. Place the fondant on a microwave-safe plate or dish. Grease your hands liberally with vegetable shortening.

Fondant can become sticky if it’s too warm or if you’ve handled it too much. If your fondant is too sticky to work with or roll out, knead in some confectioner’s sugar. Prevent it from sticking to your hands by coating them lightly with shortening or powdered sugar – before placing fondant on a cake, make sure that you’ve conditioned it well – otherwise, you will get cracks or elephant skin!

Keep rolled fondant adhered to your cake by applying a sticky layer of buttercream icing. If the fondant is dry and tears, it can be easily fixed with a few tips. However, do not add water to to moisten the fondant -- this will break down the sugar-based fondant, causing it to tear.

Fondant has been left out in the open air for a number of hours. 2. A lot of food coloring has been mixed into the fondant. This is easily solved by adding vegetable shortening to the fondant and mixing thoroughly. Start with a small amount and keep adding until you have a soft pliable piece of fondant again.

If, by mistake, you add too much, then try warming it before you knead the fondant again and see if that helps. After adding more confectioners/ icing sugar, you find that the fondant is still sticking to the board; try sprinkling some cornstarch/cornflour onto the fondant and on the board and rolling pin as well.

Hi Charlene, Yes you are correct that refrigerating a fondant cake will cause condensation on the surface. This makes the fondant look shiny and it can get gooey and colors can drip from decorations. First thing to do is make sure that you use a filling that will withstand being un refrigerated. I use buttercreams for rolled fondant wedding cakes.

How to fix dry fondant? Fondant can go from wet to too dry very quickly. The same goes for too soft, too wet etc. So, if the fondant is not rolled yet, and looks dry - use damp hands to knead it first. Yes, just use a little water on your hands to help knead. Once you've done that, use vegetable shortening to knead it until it's soft and pliable.

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