What is per kg fat in milk?

Danika Kreiger asked a question: What is per kg fat in milk?
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For calculation of kg fat/kg SNF, the milk volume is to be multiplied by specific gravity and the weight thus arrived is multiplied by fat or SNF % and then divided by 100.


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To optimize profitability, you have to produce a lot of milk with a good fat test, but not at any price! Margin per cow helps to ensure that production is satisfactory as compared to the average, milk value per hectolitre helps you to check whether your milk composition is adequate, and finally margin per kg of milk fat allows you to monitor the gain for each kg of fat produced, which is strongly influenced by the cost of concentrates.

Under this system, an amount in rupees per kg of fat means an amount payable on that quantum of milk which would yield one kg of fat. For example, when the rate per kg fat is Rs. 425, it means that the said amount will be paid for 16.66 L of buffalo milk with 6% fat (minimum standard): 1 kilo (1000gm) fat ÷ 60 gm/L (6%) = 16.66 L

A is kg of protein, B is kg of fat and C is a reduction for each litre of milk supplied (volume charge). Protein is most valuable, currently about €7/kg, fat is about €3/kg and there is a charge for the volume ( 3 to 5 cent per litre) as this has to be evaporated off which is a major energy cost to the co-op.

Milk price for 3.2% fat is 5.0 @ per kg. Milk price for 4.0 % fat is 5.2 @ per kg. A farmer with 20 kg milk with 4% fat (total amount of fat is 0.8 kg) will get (20 x 5.2 @ =) 104 @. If this farmer adds 5 kg of water to his milk, his fat percentage will go down to 3.2 % (0.8 kg fat/25 kg), but he will get more money for his milk despite the lower price per kg (25 x 5.0 @ =) 125 @!!!

the extra kg of BF divided by the test = the extra litres for the month which would be 5,479 divided by the number of days milk picked up in the month, e.g. 30 days for average return per kilograms of butterfat, e. $76.09 ÷ 3.73 = $20.39 per kg of BF. Section 7: Milk Payment

Full half pint milk carton: 256.6 g. Empty half pint milk carton: 11.9 g. Half pint Milk Mass: 244.7 g (or 0.2447 kg) Volume of half pint: 236 mL (0.00236 m³) Therefore the formula is as follows: 0.2447 kg/0.000236 m³ = 1036.86 kg/ m³ You may also see the density of milk presented in a slightly different manner (using the same figures):- 1.03686 kg/L

The formulae for SNF that milking companies use in Pakistan (Engro foods and Nestle) is given below: SNF = (0.25 * LR) + (0.22 * Fat%) + 0.72. the formula for Total Solids (TS) is: TS = Fat% + SNF. Let us assume that for a given milk sample the Fat% as measured through the Gerber Test is 3.7% and the LR is 27.

Milk fat consists of triglycerides (the dominating components), di- and monoglycerides, fatty acids, sterols, carotenoids (giving the yellow colour of the fat) and vitamins (A, D, E, and K). Trace elements are minor components. The composition of a milk fat globule is outlined in Figure 2.16.

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