What temperature to heat swiss meringue?

Kristoffer Kling asked a question: What temperature to heat swiss meringue?
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The secret is to cook the Swiss meringue all the way up to 175°F (79°C) and whip at the highest speed possible.

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The swiss meringue should come to 175°F (79°C), no more or the egg whites could curdle!

Learn how to make Swiss meringue, the most stable of all meringues, along with a little food science about how Swiss meringue is different than the other meringue preparations. This post is part of my Baking Fundamentals series where I teach basic baking techniques.

A Swiss meringue is made from just sugar and egg whites, no additional water. You whip the egg whites and sugar and then heat it up above the pan of boiling water until it is at least 71C. It’s this heat that sets Swiss meringue apart from the rest. It starts with the egg whites

The high-temperature meringue came in as the biggest surprise with a texture closer to the unheated than the 120 F. It reverted to the larger bubbles, leaving a sensation of coarseness that did not appeal to me.

In the oven for some time at the right temperature so that the meringue turns white and dry. It is recommended to dry the meringue in the oven at a temperature of 100 to 120 degrees. A higher temperature will turn the sugar present in the protein cream into caramel.

Aah, meringue! It’s light and airy and can transform a simple dessert into something spectacular. Making the perfect meringue is much easier than you think. The secret lies in the eggs. Room temperature eggs, to be precise.

What is Swiss Meringue? Swiss Meringue is made by heating egg whites and sugar over bain-marie until the mixture reaches to 160°F (71°C). After that temperature, we beat the mixture until the glossy and stiff peaks form and the mixture cools. Heating the egg whites and sugar makes this type of meringue dense.

Temperature of Swiss Meringue How much you heat the meringue will play a role in the final texture of your meringue and what you can use it for. When heating the egg whites and sugar in a double boiler, the temperature should be somewhere between 40-71°C (104-160°F).

Make a double boiler by placing the mixer bowl over a saucepan of simmering water, making sure the bowl doesn’t touch the water. Add the egg whites and sugar to the bowl, whisking constantly but gently, until temperature reaches 140°F, or until the sugar has completely dissolved and the egg whites are hot.

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