What to add to biscuits to make them taste better?

Jan Rodriguez asked a question: What to add to biscuits to make them taste better?
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Brush the biscuits with butter after baking

“If you want the most luscious biscuits ever, brush the tops with melted butter after they come out of the oven,” says James. Brushing the butter on after baking ensures that the butter soaks into the baked biscuit so you get that great buttery flavor in every bite.

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Add the baking soda to the Bisquick. Combine these dry ingredients quickly and loosely in a large bowl — make sure there's a little extra space for the wet ingredients you're about to add. 3 Mix in the butter, then add the milk.

Biscuit Tip 1: Use cold ingredients In our world, flaky is a good word. To achieve perfect, separate layers in your biscuits, you need to start with very cold fats (usually butter or shortening). When you cut in your fat, you leave it in small pea-sized lumps.

Cast iron is a good choice when it comes to baking biscuits because it holds heat so well, and can help the biscuits to cook faster. But if you don't have a cast iron pan you can still use a baking sheet, just make sure to keep the dough nestled together.

In a pinch, milk with a squeeze of lemon juice is a fine buttermilk substitute. However, in a simple recipe like biscuits, Prep Kitchen Manager Catherine Ward advises against it. “This is not the time for substitutions,” she warns. Instead, be sure to add buttermilk and all the appropriate ingredients to your grocery list.

Whole wheat flour gives these biscuits a nutty, homey flavor. Ever since I started making these, white flour biscuits just don't taste as good! Pair them with soup or slather them with whipped cream and sweetened berries for a dessert treat. —Trisha Kruse, Eagle, Idaho

Gently transfer the dough to the mat and sprinkle most of the rest of the flour or Bisquick on top of it. You may need to knead the dough a few times and even add more flour or Bisquick to get it less sticky. Roll out the dough and cut into circles. I just use a drinking glass about 3 inches in diameter.

This simple combination of flour, salt, fat, leavening, and liquid can result in biscuits ranging from light and tender to heavy and tough, depending on what specific ingredients you use, and how you put them together.

This is also why most biscuit recipes call for keeping the butter itself very cold when mixing. In Fields’ recipe, she chills and grates her butter so it distributes quickly in the dough without melting. She makes her biscuits a full day in advance, freezes them on a sheet pan, and heats another pan in the oven: The biscuits come out of the freezer, straight on to the blazing hot pan, and ...

It says to add a stick of butter and one egg. That’s a good start, but a lot more needs to happen. 1. Set out the stick of butter to soften.

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