What's the best way to make fondant teardrops?

Gene Kassulke asked a question: What's the best way to make fondant teardrops?
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  • Step 1) Pull off a small quantity of fondant. Keep the rest of the fondant in an airtight bag while you're not using it. Roll the lump of fondant into a ball, and then pinch it into a teardrop shape. Step 2) Pull off another small quantity of fondant, about the same size as the teardrop.

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Make the gum-paste glue according to the recipe, and apply it with a brush to the back of the teardrops to adhere them where they overlap. Then transfer the teardrop to the side of the cake, attaching them with the gum-paste glue and holding them in place slightly until they set.

Steps: Roll out a fondant of thickness about 0.5 centimetres (0.2 inches). Add food colouring before rolling, if you want coloured roses. Cut a teardrop shape from the roll, depending on how big you want your roses. This will be the centre of your rose. Place a toothpick on the teardrop petal and ...

Rolling fondant. Roll the fondant on a lightly dusted and smooth surface. In most places, a mix of powdered sugar and cornstarch works best. While in dry places, vegetable shortening works best to roll fondant. And in places with high humidity, using only cornstarch works best.

Using a Dresden tool, mark lines to look like the metal bit. Roll a fat teardrop of light brown fondant and attach the fat end to the handle with a bit of water. Run the Dresden tool over it to make the bristles, and brush the tip with the same luster dust as your brush or highlighter pan.

Step 1 – Roll out a tear drop shape for your base Step 2 – Roll out your fondant (fairly thin for a more delicate rose). Using your cutter make 3 cut outs and 1 single petal. (when not in use place them underneath the saran wrap so they don’t dry out)

Roll a small ball of fondant and form into a teardrop shape. Coat the end of a toothpick with vegetable shortening or piping gel and insert it into the bottom of the tear drop. Using the largest rose cutter first, roll out fondant about 1/16 in, cut the three blossom shapes. Cover the remaining two pieces with plastic and set aside.

Roll some fondant into a cone shape. Using the remaining fondant, make balls of various sizes and then roll them into teardrop shapes. Attach the teardrops with a little water around the base. Continue moving up the tree.

It’s best to use gel colors: apply the color with toothpick into the fondant. Then you knead it like dough to spread the color evenly. If you use liquid colors, add them to the fondant before you add the powdered sugar.

It is made from sugar, water, corn syrup, and glycerol, and when rolled, it is similar to dough or clay. It can also be poured and used as a filling in desserts. You make fondant by supersaturating water with sucrose. When you heat water to boiling, it can hold twice as much sugar as it can at room temperature.

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